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The Anxiety Prescription : The revolutionary mind-body solution to healing your chronic anxiety - Dr Russell Kennedy

The Anxiety Prescription

The revolutionary mind-body solution to healing your chronic anxiety

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Available: 19th September 2024

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Available: 19th September 2024

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After years of trying different therapies for his crippling anxiety without success, Dr Russell Kennedy had an epiphany: anxiety does not start in the brain.

Anxiety starts in the body, where trauma is stored and physical and emotional perception begin. Alarm bells originating in the body are what trigger those anxious thoughts that we call anxiety, and Dr Kennedy realised that true healing starts only when we learn not to conflate the two. He understood that existing therapies focused only on the mind would never get to the root of the problem - at best, they could help manage symptoms, but they'd never truly heal anxiety.

Now fully revised and updated, with new material including the Anxiety Toolkit, The Anxiety Prescription blends Dr Kennedy's personal story with medical science, neuroscience and developmental psychology. When you learn how to sever the connection between the somatic alarm and the flood of anxious thoughts - you can begin to heal old trauma and gain back a sense of control.

The Anxiety Prescription offers a toolkit of techniques for our thinking minds, and our feeling bodies - changing not just our mindset, but our 'body-set'. Unravelling the intricate relationship between anxiety, the body and the mind, this powerful book offers a profound path toward healing and growth.

'A must-read for anyone who suffers with chronic worry.' - Dr Nicole LePera

'Dr Kennedy's message has the potential to transform the way we think about mental health and the role of the body in calming the mind.' - Dr Rangan Chatterjee

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