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Switch Off : How to Find Calm in a Noisy World - Angela Lockwood

Switch Off

How to Find Calm in a Noisy World

By: Angela Lockwood

Paperback | 16 December 2016 | Edition Number 1

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This is a book that shows how slowing down, switching off and creating space in our lives is good for both our health and our productivity. In a world that is more connected than ever comes unprecedented rates of depression, anxiety and stress related to constantly being ‘switched on’ both physically through technology and psychologically in our work and personal life behaviours. With studies showing a constantly switched on culture effecting the social development of children, the mental health of teenagers and burnout being experienced in working adults, this book dispels the guilt that comes with taking time for yourself and shows how simple it is to switch between being ‘on’ and taking much needed breaks to re-energise and re-focus.

Essentially this book encourages people to take a step back from their busy lives to harness the power of perspective and focus. Throughout history people have acknowledged taking time out as imperative in being an effective parent, partner, employee and leader. However, with technology and social media connecting us 24/7 research is showing that more than ever people are yearning again for time away, time on their own, time to escape the busyness, time to disconnect, time to switch off, but just don’t know how.

As life roles change; Dad’s being stay at home parent, Mum’s in the board room and grandparents as parents a new way of how we look at being at our best no matter your life role is needed if we are to have a healthy population into the future. Whether it be the new mother wanting time for an uninterrupted cup of tea, or the CEO needing time to make an informed decision, or the child closing their bedroom door just to have their own space, being able to disconnect and have guilt free time out is a message needed for all ages and it is needed now to ensure we curb the alarming mental health status and poor physical health we are experiencing as a result of over-connection, overwhelm and overstimulation. We need to simply learn how to ‘switch off’.

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