Stop Screaming, I'm Scared Too : An Australian soldier's story - Rod Henderson

Stop Screaming, I'm Scared Too

An Australian soldier's story

By: Rod Henderson

Paperback | 31 July 2024

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Available: 31st July 2024

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This book is part Chickenhawk and part Exit Wounds … a powerful and timely contribution to a nation’s understanding of what we ask of our service men and women and the debt we owe … Matt Anderson PSM, Director, Australian War Memorial

‘Stop screaming, I’m scared too!’ is not what you’d expect to see on the back of a loadmaster’s helmet in a Chinook helicopter flying over southern Afghanistan, but for Rod Henderson it sums up his 22 years of service as a soldier in the Australian Army.

During the busiest period in the Army’s history, Rod was deployed to East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Australia, he was involved in counter terrorism operations and disaster recovery. From an infantry paratrooper, to Chinook loadmaster and Black Hawk door gunner, Rod reveals an enthralling and unique perspective of service.

Whether it is ‘right place wrong time’ or just unlucky, he found himself in a series of life threatening and traumatic events. Each one took a toll. Accepting the physical injuries and mental health challenges from his service, Rod found healing in the hallowed halls of the Australian War Memorial.

This is not the story of a general or a Special Forces hero. It is the extraordinary memoir of a regular Australian soldier. Like so many others who have served their country with honour and distinction, the little-known stories of ordinary soldiers deserve to be told. 

In Stop Screaming, I’m Scared Too, Rod reveals the depth of his soldiering experiences with humour, humility, self-reflection and honesty.

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