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Right Thing, Right Now : Good Values. Good Character. Good Deeds. - Ryan Holiday

Right Thing, Right Now

Good Values. Good Character. Good Deeds.

By: Ryan Holiday

Hardcover | 16 July 2024

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Available: 16th July 2024

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The latest in the New York Times bestselling series: the life-changing power of integrity

If we do what is right, everything else will follow: happiness, success, meaning, reputation, love. This is central to Stoic wisdom. The path isn't always easy, but it is essential, and the alternative - taking the easy route - leads only to cowardice and folly.

In the third book in his bestselling Stoic Virtues series, Ryan Holiday explores the crucial role that integrity plays in every good life. From pillars of upright living like Ulysses S. Grant and Marcus Aurelius, to the cautionary tales of Napoleon and F. Scott Fitzgerald, this book shows us the power of owning our convictions and acting in accordance with our beliefs - and the perils of an ill-formed conscience.

Our conscience, our sense of justice, is our first and our last strength: we can train it, hone it and fortify it, but above all, we must never lose it. This book shows us how.

About the Author

Ryan Holiday is one of the world's bestselling living philosophers. His books have spent over 300 weeks on the bestseller charts, appear in more than forty languages and have sold over 5 million copies. He lives outside Austin, Texas, with his wife and two boys. His bookshop, The Painted Porch, sits on historic Main Street in Bastrop, Texas.
Industry Reviews

'Ryan Holiday is a genius' - Chris Evans

'An urgent call to arms for each and all of us' - Matthew McConaughey

'A clear and inspiring guide for how to develop this highest of human virtues' - Robert Greene

'A powerful case for the virtues and values that leaders must live by in the modern world.' - Admiral James Stavridis, former NATO 16th Supreme Allied Commander

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