Right Here, Right Now - Natalie Isaacs

Right Here, Right Now

By: Natalie Isaacs

Paperback | 20 July 2022

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How women can lead the way in the climate emergency

In this powerful call to action with optimism at its heart, the founder of the global climate action movement 1 Million Women explores how the consequences of climate change are here already, and why, in this decisive decade, the time to act must be now.

Recognised internationally for her inspirational and thought-provoking public speaking, Natalie Isaacs explains in Right Here, Right Now that it is women, set to be most adversely affected by climate change, who have the will, the skills and the power in numbers to lead the way on this critical issue.

Impassioned yet clear-eyed, Natalie sets out what we as a community and as individuals can achieve in the next ten years. The good news is, it’s all possible – we just have to unite as never before and get it done. Right here, right now.

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