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Quietly Confident : An introvert's guide to knowing and expressing your worth - Kate James

Quietly Confident

An introvert's guide to knowing and expressing your worth

By: Kate James

Paperback | 26 March 2024

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With research showing that as many as 50 per cent of us are introverts, why are so many of us still playing an extrovert's game?

Career coach and self-professed introvert Kate James has heard hundreds of smart, creative introverts tell a similar story: despite being motivated and hardworking, they aren't where they want to be in their careers or personal lives. At work, they don't speak up, ask for rewards, or set boundaries with their more assertive colleagues. And if they do get a seat at the table, they often sacrifice their true values, which leaves them feeling drained and inauthentic.

In Quietly Confident, Kate looks beyond the narrow scope of popular culture and paints a broader, more human definition of what it means to have confidence and be 'successful'. In an era that rewards those with the loudest voices (and the most followers), Kate encourages introverts to let go of outdated ideas and beliefs so that they too might shine just as brightly. With a better understanding of an introvert's many invaluable gifts and showing us how to tap in to our infinite worth, Kate will guide readers towards the confidence that already exists within each of us.

Written with warmth and compassion, Quietly Confident is a must-have guide to identifying your strengths, claiming your worth and finding your true place in the world.

About the Author

Australian career coach Kate James helps her clients find direction and build self-belief. Kate works with individual clients, facilitates confidence workshops online and hosts retreats for women in Melbourne and Byron Bay. She continues her own studies into positive psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness and self-compassion. She is the author of five books, Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life, Believe in Yourself, Be Mindful, Change How You Think and Create Calm.
Industry Reviews
Praise for Kate James

'Kate James is such an honest, warm and generous teacher. Read this book and you'll be learning from one of the very best.' Clare Bowditch, author of Your Own Kind of Girl

'Kate's writing is immensely practical. Rich with compassion and insight from her many years as a therapist, her books always offer life-enhancing tools that may be applied right away. Transformational wisdom at its best!' David Michie, author of Hurry Up and Meditate

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