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Quality Meats : The home guide to sausages, charcuterie, smoked meats & more - Luke Powell

Quality Meats

The home guide to sausages, charcuterie, smoked meats & more

By: Luke Powell, David Matthews (As told to)

Hardcover | 30 July 2024

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The ultimate, friendly guide to making signature smallgoods with more than 90 recipes for enjoying them, from internationally renowned expert Luke Powell (LP's Quality Meats, Bella Brutta pizza)

'Luke is the true vanguard for all things meats and cooking. This book is so awesome.'
– Matty Matheson, chef, author, and actor/producer of The Bear

Welcome to the essential companion for cooking and making epic Quality Meats, whether you're a beginner, expert or somewhere in between. From easy recipes for grilling and roasting your favourite cuts, to small plates, sandwiches and smoked briskets, to more ambitious undertakings like homemade sausages and charcuterie, acclaimed chef Luke Powell has you covered. Featuring over 90 recipes with friendly, detailed instructions and step-by-step photography, along with a host of sides, desserts and accompaniments. This fully photographed, wibalin-textured hardback also includes special features on salami and brisket.

Luke worked in top-level kitchens for decades before pursuing his passion for charcuterie and is the founder and owner of the hatted restaurant turned smallgoods wholesaler LP's Quality Meats. He has a chef's approach to flavour and has spent years honing the art of making quality meats at home.

About the Author

Luke Powell was born in New Zealand and worked in top-level kitchens for decades, including as head chef at Sydney's Tetsuya's, before he developed a passion for charcuterie during a stint at Blue Hill in upstate New York. He soon became chef and owner of Sydney's award-winning restaurant LP's Quality Meats and Bella Brutta pizza. Since 2020, LP's has expanded into a leading artisan smallgoods supplier, distributing nationwide. This is Luke's first book.
Industry Reviews
'Luke is one of the best chefs in the world and the true vanguard for all things meats and cooking. It's time for everyone to get a glimpse into his craft.
This book is so awesome. It's the only one you'll ever need, for real.'
Matty Matheson, chef, author and actor/producer, The Bear

'Here is where a chef's insatiable curiosity to achieve the apex of flavor and artistry really pays off. If you're looking for a delicious way to honor an animal's life, this is your handbook.'
Dan Barber, author and chef, Blue Hill

This book is full of great stories, fabulous technique, and superb instruction for how to make sausages, terrines, smoked and preserved food and so
much more - then how to use them in beautiful recipes. Luke is a fabulous chef and very humble guy who has worked in and run some of the world's best restaurants. I will love having this in my collection.'
Neil Perry, author and chef, Margaret

'Luke is a genius, a jedi of his craft and this is the book that we have all been waiting for. Essential cookbooks are about secrets, those nuggets of information we crave to be better, and Quality Meats is truly a compendium of them. It's a gift to keen cooks worldwide.'
Calum Franklin, chef and author, The Pie Room

'Many chefs will try to impress you with their food, but when you speak to Luke you get the distinct impression that he's the one constantly being impressed by the simplicity and elegance of food itself, such is his giddy infatuation with his craft. This book approaches cooking with a thoughtfulness, intelligence and infectious enthusiasm that speaks to a true love of the simplicity and elegance of good food.'
Adam Liaw, author, chef and host, The Cook Up

Luke is the most exceptional and talented charcuterie maker I know and one of the finest chefs I have had the pleasure of working with. His passion shone through from the moment I met him. He is now sharing this passion for his craft and his industry secrets with the world through this great book.
Tetsuya Wakuda, author and chef, Tetsuya's and Waku Ghin

'This cookbook isn't just a collection of recipes; it's a testament to Luke's culinary craftsmanship, quality, and passion for meats. Whether you're a pro chef or a backyard cooking enthusiast, this book will elevate your meat game to new heights.'
Tom Gozney, founder and CEO, Gozney pizza ovens

'Luke Powell is the real deal: a DIY, go-your-own-way guy, who has dedicated his considerable talents as a chef to wonders of smoked meats and more. Here, in his first book, he breaks it down clearly so you and I can better understand the mysterious and delicious art of charcuterie. A new voice of integrity, passion and knowledge.'
Ben Shewry, author and chef, Attica

'Absolutely brilliant. Luke is one of the most ingenious and hardworking chefs that has passed through the kitchen of Mugaritz. Every idea in this book, simple or challenging, has been pored over with the deepest care for our benefit.'
Andoni Aduriz, author and chef, Mugaritz, Spain

'Luke Powell has spent his life working in the world's finest kitchens, but this is no restaurant cookbook. This is a cook's devotion to the slow arts: a heartfelt tribute to smoking, fermenting, roasting, pickling, dry ageing and... pizza. A joy to read, from black pudding to pouding chomeur. A book for home cooks who care.'
Myffy Rigby, food writer and editor, Swill magazine

'Luke Powell is the ideal guide to the world of Quality Meats. If you're here for the technical detail, he'll give you clarity and thoroughness. If you're just looking for delicious things to do with quality meats, he shares an inspired palate and a keen eye for what's tasty. Either way, you can expect a great read - welcoming, instructive and, above all, honest.'
Pat Nourse, food writer and creative director, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

'This book is destined to be a reference for all things charcuterie for a new generation, packed with a lifetime of knowledge. Luke has really mastered the art. Whether you're a home cook or a professional, you need this book!'
Danielle Alvarez, chef and author, Recipes for a Lifetime of Beautiful Cooking

'I first fell in love with a quality meat from Luke Powell when I discovered his gently-spiced mortadella pleated into a little fluffy cloud of a potato bun at Mitch Orr's ACME around a decade ago. It was such a simple, cheerful snack but that tenderly-crafted morta knocked it into the realm of the truly exceptional. ACME is no more, but I still get my LP morta fix on the regular - layered like blush-pink bedsheets accessorised with green-olive buttons on the pizzas at my forever favourite pizzeria, Bella Brutta in Sydney's Newtown. To this day, I rarely meet an LP's meat in a restaurant that I don't end up ordering. This excellent and accessible book lets you peek beneath the pepperoni to find out exactly why LP's Quality Meats is so proudly name-checked on menus all over the country.'
Alexandra Carlton, food writer and Oceania Chair, World's 50 Best

'Luke Powell is a very talented and driven chef who I've worked with many times over the years. I am so proud of the direction he took when he opened LP's Quality Meats. He had a vision and uniqueness that created a successful niche in the Sydney food scene, and LP's is synonymous with quality, creativity, and innovation. This book is testament to all of that and will be a well-worn tome for years to come.'
Martin Benn, chef and author, Dinner Party

'Quality Meats the book, much like Luke Powell himself, is all about pin-point detail and generosity with the know-how. Luke has given us a delicious new reference to understand and enjoy the transformative nature of meat and food preservation.'
Dan Hunter, author and chef, Brae

'This book is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their charcuterie skills, but even more importantly, to put huge smiles on faces at the dinner table. Luke is one of the most talented and humble people I know. Few possess an innate ability to harness the exacting technique of fine dining and apply it towards butchery, to create a warm culinary hug in every dish. This unique skillset of crossing over from one of Australia's best chefs to butcher makes him the undisputed Sausage King down under.'
Anthony Huckstep, food writer and host, Deep in the Weeds podcast