Prepping for School Success : How to Survive and Thrive in the Early Years - Julie Dore

Prepping for School Success

How to Survive and Thrive in the Early Years

By: Julie Dore

Paperback | 3 September 2019

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An easy-to-read, non-judgemental book helping parents and their children be well prepared for school and life. Full of helpful tips, tricks and practical information to make the early years at home and the transition to school easier on everyone. It covers all the important topics, including what schools are really like these days; skills parents need to survive; routines to save you time and energy; life skills your child needs; ways of supporting your child's social, emotional and physical development; dealing with behaviour issues effectively; essential early literacy and numeracy skills; and how to help children with different needs. It's the perfect book for any parent, especially those with a child aged 0-6. Or anyone who interacts with young children and wants to help them become awesome little people. Like educators, grandparents, aunties, uncles, etc. as well! Written from a parent and teacher's perspective.

Industry Reviews

'Easy to read, informative, humorous. Could be called "Parents Handbook on Raising Children". Touched on every topic, sound advice. Recommend to any parent preparing their child for school and life!' Lea Martin (Principal, Mother)

'A breeze to read, practical advice. Maps out the early school years. Her passion, desire for each child's school success evident!' Chanelle Chate (Speech Language Pathologist)

'Practical advice, ideas, easy to read, non-judgmental. Sure to set you and your child up for success at school. Essential reading for any parent!' Matthew Thompson (Principal, Father)

'Julie's knowledge, experience as a teacher, mother come together in this perfect, easy to read guide. Will recommend, refer to parents.' Elena Bolton (Learning Support Teacher, Mother)

'LOVED this book! Hit the nail on the head. Her methods, advice, values are solid, proven, common sense.' Janet Evans (Swim Teacher, Mother, Grandmother)

'A great book to help ease the transition into school for parents and kids. From what to expect for school interviews, to school lunches and parenting tips. It's all covered. Highly recommend!' Dr Renae Dall'Alba FRACGP MBBS BBioMedSc (General Practitioner, Mother)

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