Pigs and Humans : 10,000 Years of Interaction - Umberto Albarella

Pigs and Humans

10,000 Years of Interaction

By: Umberto Albarella (Editor), Keith Dobney (Editor), Anton Ervynck (Editor), Peter Rowley-Conwy (Editor)

Hardcover | 28 November 2007

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Pigs are one of the most iconic but also paradoxical animals ever to have developed a relationship with humans. This relationship has been a long and varied one: from noble wild beast of the forest to mass produced farmyard animal; from a symbol of status and plenty to a widespread religious food taboo; from revered religious totem to a parodied symbol of filth and debauchery.

Pigs and Humans brings together some of the key scholars whose research is highlighting the role wild and domestic pigs have played in human societies around the world over the last 10,000 years. The 22 contributors cover a broad and diverse range of temporal, geographical, and topical themes, grounded within the disciplines of archaeology, zoology, anthropology, and biology, as well as art history and history. They explore such areas as evolution and taxonomy, domestication and husbandry, ethnography, and ritual and art, and present some of the latest theories and methodological techniques. The volume as a whole is generously illustrated and will enhance our understanding of many of the issues regarding our complex and ever changing relationship with the pig.
Industry Reviews
...a multidisciplinary approach that takes into account zoology, palaeontology, genetics, ethnography and archaeology, and researchers with these different approaches have contributed to the many authoritative chapters in this book. It has been well editied, has excellent illustrations and will be of interest and use to readers in many different disciplines. * Juliet Clutton-Brock Times Literary Supplement *
[an] important contribution to the repertoire of zooarchaeological studies * Philip J. Piper Antiquity *

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