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On the Scent : Unlocking the Mysteries of Smell - and How Its Loss Can Change Your World - Paola Totaro

On the Scent

Unlocking the Mysteries of Smell - and How Its Loss Can Change Your World

By: Paola Totaro, Robert Wainwright

Hardcover | 23 June 2022

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When award-winning reporter Paola Totaro lost her sense of smell to Covid in March 2020, her world changed and dulled in an instant. Trapped in a sensory vacuum without fragrance or flavour, she embarked on a journey of discovery to unravel the mysteries – and eccentricities – of the fifth sense.  

Our sense of smell shapes our everyday experiences in ways we often don’t even notice. Its loss can transform our lives – affecting our emotional wellbeing, our relationships, our ability to interpret the world around us – and yet it has long been regarded as the least important of our senses. But Covid changed everything. As it became clear loss of smell was a key symptom and the number of sufferers exploded, olfactory researchers suddenly found themselves thrust into the spotlight, with more attention, subjects and funding than ever before. Presented with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, they were able at last to start unlocking the mysteries of our 
‘Cinderella’ sense. 

On the Scent is the story of a quest for answers, from the theories of ancient philosophers to the cutting-edge laboratories of 21st-century neuroscience. It looks at the extraordinary experiences of patients and scientists alike, offering a unique glimpse into the world of those born without smell as well as those who lose it; exploring how smell can be a key indicator of declining physical health; and offering up the latest research that can offer hope to the millions of people worldwide who have suffered sensory loss.

About the Authors

Paola Totaro is an award-winning news reporter, editor and former President of the Foreign Press Association in London. She has written for The New York Times, Guardian, Independent, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian.

Robert Wainwright is a prize-winning Australian author and journalist. His non-fiction titles include the international bestseller Sheila (Allen & Unwin, 2014) and The Maverick Mountaineer, which won the Times Biography of the Year at the 2017 British Sports Book Awards.

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