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My Israel Question : Reframing The Israel/Palestine Conflict - Antony Loewenstein

My Israel Question

Reframing The Israel/Palestine Conflict

By: Antony Loewenstein

Paperback | 1 September 2009 | Edition Number 1

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A new and expanded edition of the controversial discussion of one of the most important issues of our time.

Antony's Loewenstein's My Israel Question was a bestseller when first published and generated a storm of controversy, critical praise and robust public debate. Loewenstein's forensic discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues here in a fully updated and expanded new edition, examining the prospects of the Middle East peace process in the new geo-political context.

The election of Barack Obama brought hope to millions around the world and has seen renewed diplomatic efforts in the Middle East. Yet the Israel-Palestine conflict remains mired in brutality and occupation. The election of a far-right Israeli government, the indiscriminate war on Gaza and the illegal expansion of West Bank colonies suggest a bleak future for both Israelis and Palestinians. However, public debate about the issue, in the USA, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia, is suggesting alternative ways of tackling the crisis. Now, Antony Loewenstein maps the way in which the conflict is ferociously discussed and where the hope lies for resolution to the brutal impasse.

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