Microdosing : Improve Your Energy, Mood, and Productivity with Psychedelics - Ryota Cahal


Improve Your Energy, Mood, and Productivity with Psychedelics

By: Ryota Cahal

Paperback | 25 March 2016

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Many people hear about using psychedelics and get the image of someone who overdoses on the drug and gets really sick. While there are some people who abuse these drugs and don't use them in the proper way, using the psychedelics in the proper way can help give you an amazing life that you wouldn't expect. This guidebook is going to spend some time talking about microdosing and how using this process is able to make you feel less anxiety, get better sleep, enjoy life, and so much more. Chapter 1 talks about microdosing and what it is all about. Microdosing is a process where you will take very small amounts of a drug on a daily basis in order to improve your life. The amounts are small, usually around a twentieth of what you would take for a normal trip, but the benefits can be numerous. Chapter 2 then goes on to some of the benefits of microdosing. There are a lot of great benefits that you can enjoy with this process including better time management, improving creativity, reduce anxiety, improve your mood, and improve your energy levels. When you add all of these benefits, and more, together, you will find it is much easier to really enjoy your life and get more out of it. Chapter 3 talks about some of the techniques of microdosing. This is important to ensure you are only taking in so much of the drug and that you aren't overdoing it. You should remember that you aren't supposed to go on a trip each day from this. Instead, you are just supposed to take in a little; you are barely, if at all, going to feel the effects of the drug. That is fine, you will still get the benefits, but you aren't supposed to really notice the drug you use. Chapter 4 talks about some of the side effects that come with microdosing. While this is a fairly safe process to go through, you do need to be a bit careful. If you have never used a psychedelic drug in the past, you should start out really slow to make sure you are not going to react in a negative way. Chapter 5 finishes out this guidebook with some tips on how to properly use microdosing. These will help you to get started on the right track so that you can get the most out of your microdosing process and really see the benefits. This guidebook is meant to help you get started on the right track to using microdosing to improve your life. This process is not meant to get you on a trip each day, but rather to use just a tiny bit to help you enjoy life a bit more. Take a look through this guidebook and see how simple and easy this process can be and how it can really improve your life.

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