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Megaliths, Music, and the Mind : A Transdisciplinary Exploration of Archaeoacoustics - Linda Eneix

Megaliths, Music, and the Mind

A Transdisciplinary Exploration of Archaeoacoustics

By: Linda Eneix

Hardcover | 24 May 2024

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What drove the building of the first megalithic monuments and lifestyle changes that launched Western civilization? This exploration of the human experience of special sound in ancient ritual and ceremonial spaces brings a new perspective for anyone with an interest in prehistory and human development in its most pivotal days. From Goebekli Tepe in Anatolia to megalithic temples in Malta to passage tombs in Ireland, the world's oldest buildings and the newest scientific research combine for a look at the Western Neolithic Revolution that goes where no one has gone before. With original photos and illustrations, Megaliths, Music and the Mind assembles content from the worlds of archaeology, architecture, anthropology, ethnomusicology, genetics, neuroscience, physics, and more. Fascinating pieces of evidence are set side by side, resulting in a stunning premise. This book is a core overview focused on the rediscovery of an ill-understood sensory element of developing culture, with hope for therapeutic application in the modern world. Material from the out-of-print booklet Listening for Ancient Gods has been expanded and updated in this volume, which also includes select papers from OTSF Archaeoacoustics International Conferences, plus a personal account from one of the founding fathers of new-age music.

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