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Meaning Matters : Results Beyond the Numbers - Alena Bennett

Meaning Matters

Results Beyond the Numbers

By: Alena Bennett, Mish Phillips (Editor)

Paperback | 15 November 2019

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Women in finance often have a disconnect between their purpose and their number crunching hyper-analytical jobs. Yet women in finance want more than money and status! They want to deliver results beyond the numbers.

This book covers exactly why prioritising discovering your purpose is the key to exceptional performance, unwavering confidence and continued career progress. In the first book specifically written for this audience, Alena shows you how to figure out where you want to go, the capabilities and principles you need, and how to bring it all to life.

In a male dominated field, discovering your purpose and integrating it into your work is essential to thrive. This practical guidebook for women in finance will help you find your purpose and execute it exactly where you're at.

Industry Reviews

Having worked with Alena, she is perfectly placed to share her wisdom and knowledge with us. Her energy and enthusiasm for growth is infectious and every woman in finance would be lucky to have Alena in their world. I would have loved to have had a book like this earlier to help me navigate my career in a more purposeful manner.

Nital Scott, Chief Financial Officer, Beautycounter

I have experienced personally the positive impact of Alena's work. I call her my secret weapon. She balances her creative flair with a very intelligent approach. Every woman in finance who wants to elevate their potential should have a copy of this book or experience Alena 1-1 as they will deeply benefit from it.

Stella Petrou Concha, Co-CEO Reo Group, Listed as Australia's Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs 2018, Global Goals Advocate.

Having worked with Alena over the last 12 months as my coach, but also as my friend of over 15 years, I have personally experienced her passion in working with women in Finance as well as her ability to inspire her clients and friends to be their best selves and achieve their career goals. The fact that she has made her ethos and approach accessible to everyone by sharing her work in this book demonstrates her generosity and commitment to helping everyone achieve their best in their own meaningful way. It can be eye opening to come to realisations about yourself and your experiences in the workplace through reading this book but to understand that many women feel the same way is invaluable. Everyone should have a copy of this insightful, yet very practical book.

Emma Roche, General Manager, Group Finance and Investor Relations, Ruralco Holdings Limited

Alena is leading the path of inclusiveness, empowerment and equality. Her book gives you a clear and easy path to fast track your career to where you always dreamt it could be. It is a must for any woman in finance who feels she has more to give, but not sure 'how' to do it.

Rita Serna, Global Audit, Bechtel Corporation

Getting more representation of women in senior leadership roles is still such a challenge today. We need more women like Alena who have the context, experience and skills to guide women and organisations in making this possible. This book is a great resource for any woman looking to turn insight into action and thrive at work in a way that has greater meaning than just delivering results.

Marissa Gomes, VP Brand Marketing at Cobram Estate Olive Oil

Alena is a unique professional I'm privileged to have met. She is able to use her professional training and experience combine with her emotional intelligence and compassion for others to bring the best out in individuals and teams. In this current landscape of constant change, its more important than ever to have highly engaged teams of people who genuinely understand they are valued. That's where Alena, and this book, can help! Alena has so much passion for her work, and Women in Finance are fortunate that this energy is directed at helping them. The practical tools in the book will help readers find purpose and create a meaningful career.

Alison Flemming FCA, General Manager Finance, Scentre Group

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