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Managing People - Simon Birkenhead

Managing People

By: Simon Birkenhead

Paperback | 15 February 2022 | Edition Number 1

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How to lead, motivate and harness the power of your team

Most managers fail. Some 70% of employees say they are dissatisfied with their line manager. A shocking 50% are labelled as incompetent, a disappointment or a wrong hire by their co-workers. But, what do we expect when over half new managers are given no training when they are promoted? Becoming a manager isn't a progression; it's an entirely new job.

Penguin Expert Series- Managing People is a manual for managers who want to succeed in their new job, motivate and direct their teams and establish a working culture where everyone wants to do their best work. The book condenses Simon Birkenhead's decades of experience working as a team leader. He reveals; what makes a good manager, highlights common pitfalls to avoid, presents his tried and tested 'four-lever framework.'

With strategies to activate motivation in your team, set goals and expectations, provide feedback and coaching to building a high-performance culture, and plenty of examples from across industries, this is everything first-time managers need to succeed and be the boss that everyone wants to work for.

About the Author

Simon Birkenhead is a chief executive who has spent 25 years managing teams across early stage technology start-ups to the very largest global. He is recognised by his employees as an inspiring manager who is able to help them deliver their best work. Between 2014 and 2019 he didn't have a single employee resign from any of the businesses he led. Educated at Cambridge University and London Business School, Simon is a former global business leader at Google, where he led teams across four continents. He has also held business leadership positions at 3M, Telef nica and Gartner. Since becoming a CEO he has run a number of international businesses out of the UK and New Zealand. He is currently Chief Executive and Board Director for International Volunteer HQ, the world's largest volunteer travel company. Managing People is his first book.

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