Majapahit : Intrigue, betrayal and war in Indonesia's greatest empire - Herald van der Linde


Intrigue, betrayal and war in Indonesia's greatest empire

By: Herald van der Linde

Paperback | 1 August 2024

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Discover Majapahit, the mighty empire in Southeast Asia that many have never heard of. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the Majapahit kingdom reigned supreme in eastern Java, and its influence stretched far and wide, throughout present-day Indonesia, parts of the Malay peninsula and the island of Tumasek, now Singapore. Majapahit's army famously repelled Kublai Khan's invasion, and its formidable navy humbled even the renowned Portuguese mariners. Walk the bustling streets of Majapahit, a melting pot of aristocratic Javanese, shaven-head Brahmins, hermits in bark cloth, widows dressed in white, and Chinese, Persian and Arab traders. Discover beautiful temples and imposing palaces, and markets brimming with goods from all over Asia. At the heart of Majapahit's story are eccentric kings and queens embroiled in bloody family feuds, and a tipsy court scribe who has the good sense to write down everything he sees. Witness the drama of royal intrigues, murders, revenge and war. This is not just the story of an empire's rise and fall, it is an exploration of a society rich in religious diversity, social tolerance and artistic achievement, and a society - much like Indonesia today - which must navigate its way in the challenging tapestry of Chinese and Southeast Asian geopolitics.

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