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Love Your Pain : Why Bad Things Happen To Good People - Laurence Harrould

Love Your Pain

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

By: Laurence Harrould

Paperback | 1 May 2024

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What did I do to deserve this? Why is this happening to me? Why do bad things happen to good people? These are questions that thoughtful people have been asking since the beginning of time. In this, easy to understand, book Laurence is presenting a perspective that draws on science, Theosophy, Astrology and more to provide a unique and satisfying answer.

As Einstein said: "Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler." Using stories to illustrate the concepts Laurence has made this concept as simple as possible and highly readable.

Industry Reviews

"I read a lot of self-help books and Laurence's perspective is unique. His combination of spirituality and physics, illustrated by stories, has enabled me to see the world very differently. I still ask questions about pain and "bad things", but now I am much more at peace with the experience. This is a life-changing book."

Simon Hamilton - TV series producer, business entrepreneur



"Laurence has presented his wisdom in a very compassionate, cheerful and optimistic way with loving and well told stories. This is an important book to read."

Gilad Shavit - Breathwork facilitator and trainer for trauma recovery



"As a trained obstetrician and gynaecologist, the most powerful part of the book for me was reading the example of the woman giving birth. This was a golden nugget!

I also found the graphs with spiritual and material concerns powerful and the diagram outlining the various influences and factors that make us who we are. I am Natasha and the essence of who I am is made up of my parents and their history/ experiences. Soon after reading this book, I saw Henry Winkler (the Fonz from Happy Days) speak. He spoke of how his Thought Forms and patterns have been heavily influenced by his parents who fled Nazi Germany. The Fonz I reckon would resonate very much with Laurence's book too."

Dr Natasha Andreadis - Fertility specialist

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