Liz Hayes

Liz Hayes

"It’s fair to say that being able to tell so many stories almost anywhere in the world is an incredible privilege. But I do it with others. It is a true team effort."

Liz Hayes is a household name across Australia, having graced many television sets on Today, 60 Minutes and Under Investigation for decades. Her sombre, engaging style of journalism shares important stories from across the nation, and her work has seen her report from countries all over the world, interview major world leaders, and host special televised events.

A woman of many talents, Liz has also published an autobiography. The book, I’m Liz Hayes, gives readers a behind-the-scenes insight into what truly was going on behind the scenes. While she has shared the stories of countless celebrities and reported on endless horrors of war and crime, this time she turns the spotlight inwards, and shares the story of a tragedy within her own family.

Meet Liz Hayes

Liz Hayes was born in Taree, New South Wales in 1956. Both her parents were dairy farmers, but she had other plans, starting work as a cadet at the local Manning River Times newspaper.

She worked her way up as a reporter for years before taking on a co-host position on Today, the Australian national breakfast programme. It was here that she became a recognisable face as she started the day for countless Aussies every morning.

After 10 years at Today, she became a senior correspondent on 60 Minutes. In this role she travelled around the world and reported on some of the biggest news stories of the 90s and
early 2000s. She has also produced and presented the award-winning documentary ‘The Greatest Gift’, and a television special on the Sydney Lindt Café siege.

In her personal life, Hayes has been married twice, and is currently in a long-term relationship with Ben Crane, a soundman she met while working on 60 Minutes.