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Letters From Inside : The Best of Mike Maggio - Mike Maggio

Letters From Inside

The Best of Mike Maggio

By: Mike Maggio

Paperback | 1 October 2019

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A woman sacrifices her children to save herself in an act of desperation. A political prisoner succumbs to his worst fears in a struggle to survive. A politician disappears in the midst of a reelection campaign only to be replaced by a cockroach who has assumed his likeness.

Letters from Inside is a collection of stories that defy logic and yet tap into unrecognized truths about modern society a twenty-first century vision of existential dysphoria. Heavily influenced by Kafka and Gogol, Mike Maggio confronts realities that stare us daily in the face, realities we blithely ignore as we blindly go about our daily lives.

Written over a period of 30 years, this collection of stories gathers the best of Maggio's work, including the critically acclaimed Suddenly, There Was Harold, which has been called his masterpiece.

Industry Reviews

“‘They make things big in America,’ is a phrase from ‘The Old Olive Tree,’ a story worthy of Saroyan and one of 21 in Mike Maggio's vibrant collection, Letters from Inside. Maggio makes a big splash with this book, a most welcome yet quiet one, undulating ripples of deep and careful prose from the inside of the heart. Listen carefully as you read.” Rafael Alvarez, Author, Journalist, and Television Writer

Letters From Inside is a treasure chest of a book. Each story is different. A few are Kafkaesque. Sometimes Mike Maggio writes like a weaver or sculptor. Sometimes he is simply a magician when it comes to words. Letters From Inside is a collection of twenty-one stories that should be given a home on every bookshelf.” E. Ethelbert Miller, Host of On The Margin WPFW 89.3 FM and author of If God Invented Baseball

“Mike Maggio's latest collection of short stories displays his talent, once again, for voice, scenario and characterization. What a delight it is to read these intricate portrayals—often reminiscent of folk tales with an ironic, frequently moral bite.” Nathan Leslie, Author of Hurry Up and Relax and Best Small Fictions Series Editor

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