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Koala (Young Zoologist) : A First Field Guide to the Cuddly Marsupial from Australia - Chris Daniels

Koala (Young Zoologist)

A First Field Guide to the Cuddly Marsupial from Australia

By: Chris Daniels

Hardcover | 27 December 2022

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Head down under to study koalas in this beautiful non-fiction field guide for kids. You might know that baby koalas spend time in their mother's pouches, but there's so much more to learn about these Australian marsupials! Turn the pages to discover why they spend 15 hours a day asleep, and how scientists use drones to monitor koala populations. Filled with simple science, this book also explains why koalas love to munch eucalyptus leaves, and why they are most certainly not bears! It also looks at the conservation challenges these iconic animals face due to climate change and forest fires.

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