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Kinfolk Islands : Kinfolk Adventures - John Burns

Kinfolk Islands

By: John Burns

Hardcover | 5 October 2022 | Edition Number 1

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Join Kinfolk on a journey off the beaten track, to islands big and small, in this collection of eighteen new travel stories. Whether it’s a tour of the otherworldly landscape of Socotra in Yemen or a hike into the old growth of a Japanese forest on Yakushima, each slow travel itinerary invites you to set sail at a pace that allows for true discovery and immersion.

Filled with ideas and inspiration for where to escape, explore and unwind, Kinfolk Islands is full of vibrant photography, practical guidance and thoughtful reflections on why the idea of an island embodies so many of our travel fantasies. There are the charms of urban islands, including Montréal’s beloved Mile End neighborhood. Truly unexpected destinations, like Hormuz, off the coast of Iran, with its psychedelic scenery and bohemian spirit. Italy’s sun-soaked Ponza, perfect for languid afternoons. And of course some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, from jungle-fringed Caribbean sands to rugged and remote Nordic shores.

Believing that travel is as much a state of mind as an action or itinerary, Kinfolk celebrates a way of exploring our world that not only fosters thoughtful perspectives on the places we visit but also deepens our relationship with home once the journey is over.

About the Author

John Burns is the editor in chief of Kinfolk, a quarterly magazine based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2011, Kinfolk delves into personal values and quality of life, and inspires its readers to approach life with intention, energy, and a sense of community. Burns is also the author of Kinfolk Islands, Kinfolk Travel, and The Kinfolk Garden; other books in this series include The Kinfolk Table, The Kinfolk Home, and The Kinfolk Entrepreneur.

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