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Invisible Girl : A psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Family Upstairs - Lisa Jewell

Invisible Girl

A psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Family Upstairs

By: Lisa Jewell

Paperback | 16 March 2021

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FROM THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS and THEN SHE WAS GONE, comes an engrossing twisty tale of betrayal when an outsider is accused of murder.


Midnight: in an area of urban wasteland where cats hunt and foxes shriek, a girl is watching ...When Saffyre Maddox was ten, something terrible happened and she's carried the pain of it ever since.

The man she thought was going to heal her didn't, and now she hides, learning his secrets, invisible in the shadows.

Owen Pick is invisible too. He's never had a girlfriend; he's never even had a friend. Nobody sees him. Nobody cares.But when Saffyre goes missing from opposite his house on Valentine's night, suddenly the world seems to be watching Owen.Accusing him. Holding him responsible for Saffyre's disappearance ...

About the Author

Lisa Jewell had always planned to write her first book when she was fifty. In fact she wrote it when she was twenty-seven and had just been made redundant from her job as a secretary.

Inspired by Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, a book about young people just like her who lived in London, she wrote the first three chapters of what was to become her first novel, Ralph’s Party. It went on to become the bestselling debut novel of 1998.

Fifteen bestselling novels later, she lives in London with her husband and their two daughters. Lisa writes every day in a local café where she can drink coffee, people-watch and, without access to the internet, actually get some work done . . .
Industry Reviews
An up-all-night gripping story with characters who feel as real as you and me. Lisa Jewell is the kind of writer you read twice - once as a breathless reader, to see how the story unfolds, and then again to try to work out how she makes it look so easy.
Erin Kelly

Really good, gripping. I couldn't bear for it to finish.
Olivia Colman

I am always reminded of Ruth Rendell at her very best when I read Lisa Jewell. Not only is her plotting masterful, Lisa has the rare ability to make you care - passionately - about all her characters, whether they are important or minor, instantly appealing or apparently monstrous. Invisible Girl is quite brilliant in every way.
Jane Casey

Dark, gripping, emotionally intense. My heart hurt from being squeezed so tight.
Tamar Cohen

A breathtakingly brilliant novel by an author at the absolute top of her game.
Jenny Colgan

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