Introducing The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness : Understand Yourself, Other People, and Our World - Allen David Reed

Introducing The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness

Understand Yourself, Other People, and Our World

By: Allen David Reed, Tahnee Woolf

Paperback | 4 April 2016

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Discover The 10 Paradigms In Our World!

The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness are the 10 fundamental operating systems running on our planet. They create all our thoughts, beliefs, values, actions, choices and behaviors.

In this fascinating and groundbreaking book, you will learn all about the Ten Terrains Of Consciousness and how you are moving through them on your spiritual journey of evolution.

Understand yourself better:

  • find out the lessons you are here to learn right now
  • make choices that are right for you with greater certainty
  • evolve and grow on your path

Understand other people better:

  • discover peoples core drivers and deepen your empathy
  • communicate more effectively & have easier relationships
  • find truly like-minded people to connect with

Understand our world better:

  • learn what is creating the conflicts & problems in our world
  • find out what is truly driving politics, economics & history
  • become a more powerful, compassionate change agent

Filled with beautiful graphics, helpful tables and practical examples, this easy-to-read book will help you to apply the Ten Terrains Of Consciousness to all areas of your life.

Industry Reviews
"Introducing The 10 Terrains of Consciousness' is not only an interesting read but also a fascinating resource for the game of life." -Fiona White, Kindle Reviewer. "Introducing The Ten Terrains combines a tremendous amount of research of ancient wisdom packaged and innovated into a very modern understanding with tons of examples for wise application." -Bryan Brey, Kindle Reviewer. "These two authors should have a PhD in human consciousness and connection! The overall concept, and the authors' ability to clearly articulate quite complex 'data', deserves not only serious consideration, but to be analyzed, studied and taught, as their analysis and understanding will help others." -Carin Lavery, Kindle Reviewer "I don't think I've come across any book that explains so clearly the way this book did the different dimensions and the differences in our experiences and perspectives as we journey through 3D and into other higher dimensions." -Nadine Marie, Kindle Reviewer "As I read through the book I recognized the Terrains of consciousness of my three very different adult children, I had ahahh moments regarding my relationships with close friends and found a new level of peace with a previous marriage." -F W, Kindle Reviewer.

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Published: 4th April 2016

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