Hugo Dances - Jay Crisp Crow

Hugo Dances

By: Jay Crisp Crow, Hugo Crisp Crow, Olena Kiptelaya (Illustrator)

Paperback | 10 August 2023

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Hugo is a boy with a passion for dance. He tries different sports at the urging of his family, but can't escape the rhythmic beat of his true calling. With unwavering determination, he convinces his mother to let him explore Ballroom Dancing.

It seems as if Hugo has found his happiness, but doubt creeps in when he realises he looks different from the other dancers.

ï»Hugo Dances is a gentle tale of self-discovery, embracing uniqueness, and the power of following your dreams.

Industry Reviews

"A beautiful story to encourage any child to listen to their heart's song."

"For all the kids with a dream of doing their own thing, no matter what society says they 'should' do."

"An amazing book for all children. Hugo Dances is not just about a boy who wants to dance, it's about following your dreams and doing something you really want to do because you *just know* it's for you."

"For all the families who are raising children to question the rules society tells them are unbreakable."

"A delightful little book that really shows how determination, passion and dreams can all intertwine into a lesson for both children and parents alike!"

"Everything about this book is just lovely. And the illustrations? Wonderful!"

"Hugo Dances teaches all of us you can be imperfect and find joy."

ï»"He dances through the supermarket, he dances at the soccer pitch, it's just a joyful story about finding that song inside you absolutely must listen to."

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