From Source to Sold : Stories of Leadership in Supply Chain - Radu Palamariu

From Source to Sold

Stories of Leadership in Supply Chain

By: Radu Palamariu, Knut Alicke

Hardcover | 3 October 2022

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What makes a great supply chain leader?

What lessons can we learn from the best supply chain leaders across varied industries?

How can you reach the CEO chair or boardroom table from a supply chain role?

In From Source to Sold, respected industry connectors Radu Palamariu and Knut Alicke uncover fascinating answers to these important questions and many more through interviews with more than two dozen veteran supply chain leaders.

Inside, you'll get firsthand accounts and insightful lessons from supply chain experts, thought leaders, and industry disruptors who are steering businesses ranging from large multinationals to innovative start-ups at the leading edge of their industries.

You'll hear about some remarkable career journeys and discover the smart business strategies and specific techniques that today's best supply chain leaders have used to make their organizations great, and - in some cases - elevate themselves to the C-suite.

The result? An invaluable compendium of leadership wisdom and field-specific knowledge, and a compass for guiding your business through our ever more disruptive times using the CHAIN Model for Supply Chain Leadership.

Whether you're just setting out in supply chain or are already a seasoned expert in the field, From Source to Sold will equip you with the global perspective and leadership mindset you need to take your career to new heights.

PLUS: Gain exclusive access to bonus content that expands on the CHAIN Leadership Model.

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