Darkness is Golden : A Guide to Personal Transformation and Dealing with Life's Messiness - Mary Hoang

Darkness is Golden

A Guide to Personal Transformation and Dealing with Life's Messiness

By: Mary Hoang

Paperback | 5 January 2021

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Join The Indigo Project founder and head psychologist Mary Hoang as she guides you on a journey to face your fears and create the life you want.

Life is messy: no matter how much we try to control our lives, unpredictable and difficult things happen to us all.

In this powerful new vision, Mary Hoang reveals the hidden gold that lies in your darkness, showing how exploring your shadows can give you a new sense of direction for the future.

Does anxiety rule you? Do you sometimes feel like you’re not doing this whole life thing right? Do you find it hard to understand what self-love and self-worth really mean?

If you’re reading this, you’re ready for change: to create space in your life for what really matters to you. Darkness Is Golden is your invitation to value and accept yourself – to trust your inner voice, break unhelpful habits and live a life on your own terms.

Dealing with the mind is complex. Mary Hoang digs up the golden nuggets she has discovered over a decade in the therapy room, and combines them with unique audio experiences framed by her research in music psychology. You will learn how to build healthier relationships, make space for possibilities and find your wisdom.

It’s time to dance with your darkness.

About the Author

Mary Hoang is an entrepreneur, artist and the head psychologist and founder of The Indigo Project, Australia's largest and most progressive psychology practice. Since 2009, she has been pioneering a creative approach to psychology. Mary has emerged as a leader in the humanisation and transformation of the mental health industry. After her father's death in 2017, Mary turned to art and writing to explore the darker aspects of life anxieties, fears, insecurities, loss, emotional pain and 'baggage' and how these hold the keys to insight, meaning and purpose. The moving artworks she produced, utilising sound, psychology and installation, informed groundbreaking research by the University of Melbourne. Darkness Is Golden is her first book.
Industry Reviews
‘A gift for anyone wanting to live a bigger, bolder, more courageous life.’
Dr Nicole LePera, The Holistic Psychologist

‘Combining the science of psychology with deep personal insights.’
Hugh Mackay

‘A reminder that in times where we feel the most hopeless, we still have agency to turn things around.’

‘A new voice to the important and growing body of work on authenticity, vulnerability and acceptance of imperfection.’
Dr Tim Sharp, The Happiness Institute

‘A brilliant, no-BS manual for facing your fears, breaking bad habits and getting your sh*t together.’
Gabrielle Tozer

‘A much-needed and unique take on mental health that will bring lightness and relatability to life’s messiness.’
Jordanna Levin

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