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Copperplate Calligraphy : From the First Steps to Mastering Pointed Pen Calligraphy - Stefanie Weigele

Copperplate Calligraphy

From the First Steps to Mastering Pointed Pen Calligraphy

By: Stefanie Weigele (Artist)

Hardcover | 27 February 2024

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An insightabout essential writing techniques, tools and materials as well as importantdos and don'ts when delving into calligraphy. Fall inlove with copperplate calligraphy while expanding your creative repertoire withthis practical, easy-to-follow and comprehensive guide. The magic ofcopperplate calligraphy is that it is based on a few elementary forms and a fewimportant rules. All you need to get started are pen, ink and suitable paper,and with practice you will soon be able to design and print your owninvitations, business cards and much more. Each chapter contains one or moretutorials filled with useful tips on how to get as much out of the content aspossible while having fun. Everything is explained from the very start, indetail and in a step-by-step way, so no previous knowledge is required. On theother hand, if you have some experience with calligraphy, the book will serveas a great resource for building on those skills while experimenting withcopperplate calligraphy's typical flourishes and decorative elements. Theauthor, renowned German calligrapher Stefanie Weigele, who specializes inclassic pointed pen calligraphy, shares her insight about essential tools andmaterials as well as important dos and don'ts that help you master the methodsand techniques being taught quickly and effectively. The book includesdownloadable exercise sheets and grids that make it easy for you to put yournewly learned skills into immediate practice. AUTHOR: Stefanie Weigele grew up in Stuttgart, Germany and studied graphic design in Bremen. Since 2001 she has worked in Berlin (Germany) as an art director and illustrator, publishing regularly in the German newspaper taz and in various magazines. Over the years she became increasingly involved with calligraphy and continued to learn and study with international teachers. Today she is one of the few calligraphers in Germany who specialises in classic pointed pen calligraphy and gives numerous calligraphy workshops for beginners and advanced students. Stefanie lives with her family in Potsdam (Germany) and apart from calligraphy loves good food, hiking and books. SELLING POINTS: . The book shows in detail and step by step how copperplate calligraphy looks complicated, but is very easy to learn under good guidance. . The author is an experienced calligrapher who is appreciated for her beautiful and extraordinary ideas by both private and corporate customers. . She has been successfully teaching people of all ages in the art of handwirting, from the first steps to mastering pointed pen calligraphy.

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