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Continual Change Groupwork : Being an Effective Group Leader - Andrew R King

Continual Change Groupwork

Being an Effective Group Leader

By: Andrew R King

Paperback | 2 January 2018

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Groups structure our social world, whether they are families, teams, communities, workplaces or on social media. Due to their underlying structures, groups are continually changing and evolving. To help group leaders keep pace, Continual Change Groupwork provides the knowledge and skills those working in the community services, health and counselling fields require to deepen their facilitation expertise and maximise the potential for change in group members' lives.

In a comprehensive overview, Continual Change Groupwork presents the Continual Change Framework as a useful and valuable tool for group leadership practice. The framework provides a solid foundation for effective facilitation, beginning with groupwork's basic building blocks and progressing to creative group leadership tools that develop a strong leadership presence. It also provides a mental map to assess and diagnose the challenges experienced along the way.

This book includes a comprehensive understanding and implementation of systems theory that is especially important when working or dealing with group dynamics. Chapters address continual learning in groups and working with immediacy; co-leadership in groupwork; ethical considerations and supervision; and groupwork and technology - all with a focus on cultural considerations. This book provides a fresh and enlivening appreciation of the importance and mastery of groupwork.

Industry Reviews

"Continual Change Groupwork marvellously outlines how counsellors’ best respond to the challenge of effective group leadership. This short and comprehensive book provides a refreshing and broad perspective with something for everyone, no matter if you are just beginning as a group leader or someone who has led groups for years. Each chapter is full of gems that capture the passion and required knowledge for groupwork that allows the reader to understand what goes on in groups and how to make them better". Ed Jacobs, PhD Associate Professor at West Virginia University and founder of Impact Therapy.
"Groupwork is a core intervention in human service delivery. This timely book emphasises and celebrates all that is important about groupwork. It is a treasure trove of ideas and practical guidance that will be a great training companion and organisational resource for both new and established group leaders. It is a thorough 'how to' book in relation to designing services and supporting staff to deliver competent and well considered assistance to diverse clients. Of particular note is the focus on matching identified need, group response/design, group leader and client recruitment, with special consideration of cultural considerations throughout. Accessible and broad in scope, it is a very useful contribution to the literature on effective and excellent groupwork". Elisabeth Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, Relationships Australia NSW. 
"This is an excellent resource packed with ideas and supporting theory from decades of expertise of group work that is accessible, creative and worthy of inclusion in any group work course. Andrew King has captured the essence of group work that engages the reader towards becoming an effective facilitator of groups". Adam McLean, Director, Change Happens Consulting, Sydney. Group Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Trainer.
 "This book covers an impressive array of theories and approaches to groupwork. Each approach has something for a group work practitioner whatever the stage you're in. Groupwork theory is often an amalgam of literature as it draws from so many fields and is applied with many different purposes. Particularly valuable is the chapter on Group Leadership which draws on the seminal work of Dr Max Clayton. He taught that the art of group leadership is a living method that must be practiced in the here and now, where the leader creates and models the conditions for the group to do its work. Important leadership factors include the ability to work with whatever is emerging, the courage to stay in the unknown, and responding to group members from an appreciative rather a problem-oriented mindset. Learning about group leadership never stops and if you select two or three aspects that interest you and apply them for the wisdom they offer, you will continue to develop your own leadership. It is a worthwhile and rewarding journey". Rollo Browne, Organisational consultant and coach; Director of Training, Sydney Campus, Psychodrama Australia; Sociodramatist and TEP; MAppSci (Social Ecology).

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