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Colour Vision Deficiencies X : Proceedings of the Tenth Symposium of the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies, Held in Cagliari, Italy 25-28 June 1989 - B. Drum

Colour Vision Deficiencies X

Proceedings of the Tenth Symposium of the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies, Held in Cagliari, Italy 25-28 June 1989

By: B. Drum (Editor), J. D. Moreland (Editor), A. Serra (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 31st July 1991
ISBN: 9780792309482
Number Of Pages: 644

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Since its inception, the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies (IRGCVD) has followed the policy that the Symposium Pro- ceedings should be as close as possible to a complete record of the scientific content of the meeting. This policy has the advantage of providing an accurate picture of the current state of the art in research on color vision deficiencies, but it also has the disadvantage that papers typically span a wide range of quality. In this volume, however, we have instituted a system of peer review in an effort to enhance scientific quality as much as possible while continuing our past policy of publishing all submitted manuscripts. In addition to being edited for English composition and grammar, each of the papers included here has been carefully reviewed by an IRGCVD member selected for his or her expertise in the specific topic of the paper. Reviewers were instructed to include in their comments suggestions for improvement rather than recom- or rejection. In our opinion, this review process mendations for publication has resulted in substantial improvement of many of the articles and has enhanced the value of the publication. We are pleased to acknowledge the efforts of our reviewers and offer them our sincere thanks for their important contributions to Colour Vision Deficiencies X. The Editors B. Drum, J. D. Moreland & A. Serra (eds. ), Colour Vision Deficiencies X, p. xiii.

One. Stimulus Field Size Effects in Colour Vision.- 1. Y. Ohta (Invited Paper): Tokyo, Japan Change in color vision for prototype anomaloscope with a visual field of 2 to 20 .- 2. W. Jaeger, H. Krastel and G. Marat: Heidelberg, West Germany Large field spectral matches in dichromats.- 3. A. Iivanainen and J. Rovamo: Helsinki, Finland The effect of stimulus size on the detection of chromatic deviations from white and yellow across the human visual field.- 4. V.J. Honson and S.J. Dain: Kensington, Australia The effects of size and analysis method on the performance of the Farnsworth-Munsell D-15 test.- 5. K. Knoblauch, M. Fischer, N. Robillard, I.S. Grunwald and E. Faye: New York, NY, U.S.A. The effect of test element size on performance of the D-15 in age-related maculopathy and congenital color deficiency.- 6. H. Plendl, W. Paulus and S. Krafczyk: Munich, West Germany Effect of field size on the colour evoked potentials and the electroretinogram.- 7. J.J. Kulikowski, I.J. 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Eckardt: Dresden, East Germany Evaluation of the SPP-II test.- 21. J.A.M. van Everdingen, V.C. Smith and J. Pokorny: Chicago, IL, U.S.A. Sensitivity of tritan screening tests as evaluated in normals at reduced levels of illumination.- 22. V.C. Smith, J.A.M. van Everdingen and J. Pokorny; Chicago, IL, U.S.A. Sensitivity of arrangement tests as evaluated in normals at reduced levels of illumination.- 23. S.J. Dain, M.O. Scase and D.H. Foster: Keele, Staffordshire, U.K. An assessment of the 'mesopization' model of blue-yellow colour vision defects.- 24. P. Grutzner, H. Krastel and C. Seybold: Darmstadt and Heidelberg, West Germany Validation of pseudo-isochromatic plates by chromatic acuity.- 25. K. Hamano, T. Motohashi, H. Kudo and Y. Ohta: Tokyo, Japan Study of congenital color defects using the D&H color rule.- 26. K. Kitahara, T. Okabe, K. Mihara and A. Kandatsu: Tokyo, Japan Theoretical patterns of the panel D-15 test in congenital red-green dichromats.- 27. T. Okabe, A. 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Zrenner and W. Paulus: Munich and Tubingen, West Germany Colour vision deficiencies induced by the anticonvulsants Phenytoin and carbamazepine.- 73. G. Staurenghi, A. Porta, A. Autelitano, N. Orzalesi, P. Padovese, D. Brancaccio, V. Scaioli, F. Panzica and G. Avanzini: Milan and Como, Italy Ocular effects of desferrioxamine infusion in uraemic patients on chronic haemodialysis.- 74. H. Zwick, B. Burri and E.S. Beatrice: San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. Vitamin A supplementation effects on photopic and scotopic visual function and measures of vitamin A status.- 75. I. Zucca, N. Aste, M. Piscitelli, M. D'Atri, G. Martini, M. Pau and A. Serra: Cagliari, Italy Some remarks on colour discrimination in psoriasis.- 76. R. Fusco, G. Ambrosio, A. Magli and G. Nieto: Naples, Italy Colour vision and contrast sensitivity in chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia.- Author index.

ISBN: 9780792309482
ISBN-10: 0792309480
Series: Documenta Ophthalmologica Proceedings
Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 644
Published: 31st July 1991
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 24.33 x 15.95  x 4.12
Weight (kg): 1.13

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