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Collide : 'If you liked the Icebreaker series then this book is for you' - Bal Khabra


'If you liked the Icebreaker series then this book is for you'

By: Bal Khabra

Paperback | 14 May 2024

At a Glance


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A TikTok sensation, get ready for your new obsession - meet Summer and Aiden.

If you love...
Ice hockey
College setting
Reverse grumpy meets sunshine
Forced proximity
No third act breakup
Multi-racial characters
He falls first
Dual POV
... you're going to love Collide

When Summer Preston's professor issues her with an ultimatum, she finds herself on an unexpected collision course with hockey captain, Aiden Crawford.

Summer hates everything about hockey, for good reason, but she isn't going to let that stand in the way of her becoming a sports psychologist.

Aiden loves being the hockey captain, except when his team's reckless mistakes risk jeopardizing their entire season. When coach puts him forward for a research paper as punishment, he has no choice but to accept.

Summer can't stand his blasé approach to life, and Aiden doesn't understand her uptight, scheduled one. They are off to a rocky start, and provoking each other – it turns out – is what they do best.

But losing isn't something either of them does well. Maybe there's a way for both of them to win?

Readers are falling for Summer and Aiden...

'The spice levels won't disappoint'
'Someone please point me in the direction of where I can get my own Aiden Crawford'
'I'm already looking forward to the rest of her books!'
'Classic Capricorn and Virgo pairing'
'If you loved The Deal and Icebreaker, you'll love this!!! I could not put this book down!'

Look out for the next books in the Off the Ice series, coming soon.

About the Author

Bal is a Canadian writer, romance enthusiast, and book lover. Before she decided to jump into the romance pool, she spent her time gushing about books on social media. When inspiration strikes, she is found filling her notes app with ideas for romance novels.

Like her heroine Summer, Bal has been woven into the fabric of two cultures and finds herself creating characters that represent the beauty of both. Whether it's through language, a box of her favorite sweets, or a cup of chai, we can find hints of her South Asian roots throughout her writing. She loves reading about love, watching movies about love, and now, writing about it herself. There really isn’t much else that gets her heart fluttering the way HEAs do. She fell in love with writing and hopes to continue living out her romance author dreams.

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