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Celtic Tree Alphabets : Mystic Signs and Symbols of Ogham and Coelbren - Nigel Pennick

Celtic Tree Alphabets

Mystic Signs and Symbols of Ogham and Coelbren

By: Nigel Pennick

Paperback | 23 July 2024 | Edition Number 2

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Available: 23rd July 2024

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A guide to the ancient wisdom of the Ogham and Coelbren symbols as well as Celtic tree lore

• Provides a full explanation for each character of the Celtic tree alphabets and their historic variants, including each symbol’s corresponding trees, colors, birds, cryptic codes, and esoteric inner meanings

• Explores the use of Celtic tree alphabets in spiritual invocation, divination, and symbolic art as well as the practice of Ogham cryptography

• Explains how, like Norse Runes, each Ogham character is a meditative symbol in its own right and offers the possibility of deep psychic transformation

Emanating from the spiritual traditions of Celtic antiquity, Ogham is best known as a “tree alphabet.” It is a symbolic system that encapsulates the archaic skills and wisdom of ancient Ireland and Britain and is important in contemporary Druidry. Studying the Oghams enables us to engage with ancient ways of thinking and gain access to the elemental powers that speak to the inner nature of our being, the wildwood in our hearts.

Presenting a wide-ranging exploration of the Ogham tree alphabet, Nigel Pennick explores the traditional lore of the Celtic trees and their relationship to ancient, mythic beings from whom their understanding was legendarily derived. Each Ogham character is a meditative symbol in its own right, embodying a creative power available to all. Pennick provides a full explanation for each of the Ogham letters along with correspondences from historic Irish sources and considers their use in ciphers, spiritual invocation, divination, and symbolic art. He also discusses ceremonies that assist in reconnecting us with nature and the wilderness, including “Maying” and greenwood marriages and the use of colors and magical binding-knots in the Celtic tradition. Also included is a chapter on the little-known Coelbren y Beirdd, a cryptic system devised for the use of Bards and Druids.

This handbook for learning Ogham and Coelbren offers a comprehensive understanding of the ancient Celtic worldview, allowing you to apply their wisdom in modern life.
Industry Reviews
“Nigel’s clear understanding of the Gaelic Ogham and British Coelbren, complete with his wonderful illustrations, makes this book a deep delight for everyone exploring the Celtic realms.”

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