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Be Kind : You Can Make the World a Happier Place! 125 Kind Things to Say & Do - Naomi Shulman

Be Kind

You Can Make the World a Happier Place! 125 Kind Things to Say & Do

By: Naomi Shulman

Hardcover | 1 July 2019 | Edition Number 1

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In this inspirational, accessible idea book for kids ages 5 and up, 100 suggesting actions encourage practicing kindness, cultivating compassion and empathy, and bringing more happiness into daily life.

In a world where people spend more time engaging through screens than in real-life interaction, showing basic human kindness can feel like a lost art. Be Kind offers children ages 5 and up simple, actionable things they can do in their daily lives that help them cultivate kindness toward others and grow into people with the capacity to make the world a kinder place.

In Be Kind, kids learn that kindness is a quality that can be expressed in ways other than merely being "nice," including standing up for someone or something, engaging in a community, showing compassion toward other beings, and expressing gratitude. With joyful illustrations and kid-friendly writing, this idea book serves as a delightful, easy-to-read collection of 100 concrete activities kids and their families can pick and choose from and act out in their daily lives, whether it’s being the first person to say good morning, offering compliments, shoveling an elderly neighbour's driveway, learning to say hello in different languages, or sending a card to someone - no special occasion required. On every page, Be Kind empowers kids to make the world a better, kinder place, one action at a time.

Book Features:
  • Kindness is a national movement. Nearly 10 million students participated in the Great Kindness Challenge of 2018, while major films like Wonder with its popular #ChooseKind hashtag are inspiring young people with messages of kindness and tolerance.
  • A resource for families to use together. Raising caring, empathetic children can be one of the greatest challenges for adults. Parents and educators are seeking non-secular, non-judgmental, accessible resources they can use with kids.
  • An appealing gift format with playful lettering and joyful illustrations, this small, square book fits perfectly in kid-sized hands and on the family coffee table.
Full-colour; illustrations throughout.

About the Author

Naomi Shulman is the author of Be Kind. She is an essayist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Yankee Magazine, Real Simple, and FamilyFun. She holds a master's degree in theological studies from Harvard Divinity School and has been writing about children for years, often with an emphasis on emotional, ethical, and behavioural development.
Industry Reviews
"Be Kind is a lovely reminder that every moment can be filled with a thoughtful act of kindness. This beautifully illustrated book gives fresh and meaningful ways that each child -- and adult -- can make our world a happier place and prove that KINDNESS MATTERS!" -- Jill McManigal, cofounder executive director, Kids for Peace and The Great Kindness Challenge

"Naomi Shulman writes from her heart, spreading the ethos that kindness is a choice we must make every day, in every relationship and action, if we wish to live in a just, gentle, and compassionate world." -- Jessica Lahey, teacher and New York Times best-selling author of The Gift of Failure

"A delightful treasure trove of simple yet powerful acts of kindness appropriate for children of all ages. From its beautiful kid-friendly design to the wonderful activities that fill its pages, this is a must-have for every family. Be Kind is packed with inspiration bound to ignite a thirst within our youth to build a kinder world." -- Orly Wahba, founder of Life Vest Inside and author of Kindness Boomerang

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