Ascension : Divine Stories of Awakening the Whole and Holy Being Within - William Henry


Divine Stories of Awakening the Whole and Holy Being Within

By: William Henry

Paperback | 12 December 2022

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Deepen Your Ascension Experience

To know where you are going in life, you must first understand your past. Ascension scholar William Henry shows us ascension is not an ancient activity that happens after your death. In fact, there has never been a time in history when so many people are actively working toward, or living, their ascension.

Explore the timeline of our ascension quest beginning with the insights of the Egyptians to modern-day spiritualists, including fascinating accounts of Moses, Buddha, the Greeks, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mohammed, and St. Francis of Assisi. Understand your Rainbow Light Body and experience a map of the enlightened soul's journey that connects you to your Ascended Self.

Awaken the whole and holy being within you as William Henry and our sacred storytellers share their inspiring experiences, including those of:

⢠a man who saw a vision of his future self.

⢠a seeker who experienced a kundalini awakening.

⢠a woman who saw her super-conscious self during a near-death experience.

⢠a sister whose death of her fi ve-year-old twin propelled her on her path.

⢠a woman who found the peace and wisdom of the Cosmic Mother.

⢠a man who received love from a benevolent light being.

Learn practices you can do to deepen your ascension experience and discover how to use sacred art on your ascension journey. Explore the perils of transhumanism we face today. Walk, see, hear, and feel from a higher vantage point that brings new light and wisdom to you and our world.

ASCENSION is the realization of humanity's oldest desire for enlightenment.

ï»ï»ASCENSION: Divine Stories of Awakening the Whole and Holy Being Within is part of Common Sentience, an uncommon and bestselling book series that brings the mystical into the mainstream by sharing spiritual wisdom and true, personal stories of the Divine experiences many are having. Look for the other books in this exciting series at

Industry Reviews

A rich weaving of the landscape of Ascension-the reaching of our fullest potential-both in the personal and the collective. Informative and inspiring! - Kurt Johnson, Ph.D., The Coming Interspiritual Age, Our Moment of Choice, Fine Lines, Nabokov's Blues

ï»ï»ï»This book is timely for our planetary ascension and is a great contribution to humanity's evolution. William Henry's teachings of Ascension come from grounded research of past important esoteric knowledge, as well as clear insights of what we can expect in our current Ascension process and looking towards the future.

- Debra Giusti, spiritual entrepreneur and founder of Wishing Well Productions

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