After Alexander : The Hellenistic and Early Roman Periods at Pella in Jordan - John Tidmarsh

After Alexander

The Hellenistic and Early Roman Periods at Pella in Jordan

By: John Tidmarsh

Paperback | 31 May 2024

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Pella in Jordan: The Early Roman and Hellenistic Periods describes the excavations carried out by the University of Sydney and the College of Wooster since 1978/79. It deals with both the stratigraphy of these levels and describes and catalogues the pottery recovered from them. The volume includes:

(1) A brief introduction to Pella and a short history of the excavations at the site.

(2) A detailed description of the excavations and their results in the Hellenistic-Early Roman levels in each of the plots where significant Hellenistic and Early Roman material has been recovered, accompanied by sections and plans of the excavated plots as well as images.

(3) A detailed catalogue of the corpus of some 900 individual Hellenistic-Early Roman pottery fragments accompanied by outline drawings for each fragment and a smaller number of images of the more important fragments.

(4) A final discussion of the relevance and importance of (2) and (3) as regards the Hellenistic and Early Roman periods in Jordan and the southern Levant.

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