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Two Equals One : A Marriage Equation for Love, Laughter, and Longevity - Jimmy Rollins

Two Equals One

A Marriage Equation for Love, Laughter, and Longevity

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Available: 29th October 2024

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Available: 29th October 2024

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Uncover the secrets to a thriving marriage. Focusing on reconciling differences and forging true intimacy, Two Equals One emphasizes the crucial roles of communication, understanding, and concerted team effort.

100% of marriages that end in divorce are cited for "irreconcilable differences." Things that brought couples together are now tearing them apart. Simple occasional frustrations have morphed into everyday fights causing complex fractures. Marriages are miserable, families are affected, and the equation for a marriage made one is elusive.

In Two Equals One, Jimmy and Irene Rollins introduce you to a solution that is counter-cultural to a society that encourages you to give up, to not give your spouse any more chances, or use pain as permission to step out on your spouse. A solution that with two committed people coupled with the power of God can be the equation for a marriage made one. Two Equals One presents the case to stay rather than leave. To lean in rather than let go. To give you a framework and path to discover a marriage equation of love, laughter, and longevity.

From tackling tough topics such as addiction and resentment to addressing the impact of neglecting spousal roles, Two Equals One is a comprehensive guide to strengthening and salvaging relationships, while offering practical challenges, prayers, and resources to actively engage couples.

Jimmy and Irene will help readers to:

  • Move from cussing and fussing to communicating and forgiving
  • Learn tools to have hard conversations that will improve your communication and connection in relationships
  • Find hope and healing in areas in your relationship where there is real hurt, broken trust, and rebuild your relationship together
  • Discover how two completely different people can accept, learn from, and leverage their differences to make a marriage made one

Jimmy and Irene encourage couples to identify differences and navigate through them, providing guidance on conflict management and expectation setting. They stand firm in their belief that with effort and commitment, any marriage can overcome challenges and thrive. Your irreconcilable difference can be reconciled.


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