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Rooted Leadership Audio Study : Seeking God's Answers to the Eleven Core Questions Every Leader Faces - John E. Johnson

Rooted Leadership Audio Study

Seeking God's Answers to the Eleven Core Questions Every Leader Faces

Narrated by: John E. Johnson

Author: John Johnson

At a Glance

Published: 31st January 2023

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The Zondervan Reflective Audio Study series provides a unique audio learning experience. Unlike a traditional audiobook's direct narration of a book's text, Rooted Leadership Audio Study include high-quality live recordings in which the author teaches the content of the book, discusses important points, and introduces additional sources. The end result is an engaging audio study focused on learning.

Behind many of the challenges facing us today is a failure of leadership. This is not a new problem. Yearning for wise guidance and effective authority is a perennial human longing. We need leaders who are credible, competent and committed. But many leaders seem to be caught up, even consumed, with their own power and agendas. Some see the leadership crisis as an intellectual problem, believing we lack a clear theory of leadership. Others view the breakdown of leadership as a result of increasing deficiency in moral character.

Leadership needs a theological foundation, that will be useful for shaping the undergirding principles, and evaluating current leadership theories and practices. We need to view leadership from the vantage point of God.

In Rooted Leadership Audio Study, John E. Johnson explores how Christian theology provides an overarching leadership framework and applies that theory to leadership practices. Spiritual reflection, guided by scripture, points us to the very center of leadership--God--and the purpose of leadership--that we might display his glory. All the best forms of leading take their cues from who God is, his purposes, and his ways of working with people that he has progressively revealed.

Building on three decades of research, study, and experience as a global leader, Johnson surveys the landscape of contemporary leadership theory, unpacks the assumptions and beliefs that underly current trends, and responds by offering a robust approach to leadership, founded on the character, work, and words of God.


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