Knox : on the ice - Lexi Buchanan


on the ice

By: Lexi Buchanan

eBook | 26 September 2022

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Knox Rodriguez defines himself as a survivor. He had no choice. His life in Cuba had been dangerous. Boston was unique. The Boston Bay Vikings his bright spot. He had friends in whom he had learned to put his trust. He no longer looked behind him. He was no longer going hungry. Not like the petite girl who skated on weekends, he suspected. Jericho had told him that she was struggling. She was a tough kid who didn't believe in anyone. I made the decision to help her. I hadn't anticipated her shoving it back in my face. What was the matter with her?


Tattooed and brooding was not the type of man Iris Baxter wanted helping her and her two siblings. She'd noticed the way the man looked at her. He thought she was stupid. She was aware of what he desired in exchange for his help. It was the same as before, which she had refused to accept. That was not who she was. She didn't care about herself as long as Jack and Dani were fed, or at least she hadn't. The truth was that if she became ill, her sibling would be alone.

Iris, battered and struggling, accepted Knox's offered hand. She needed to get Jack and Dani out of the hellhole in which they were living.

Knox, furious at what Iris thought of him, quickly corrected her, but Iris didn't trust easily.


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