Ivan : on the ice - Lexi Buchanan


on the ice

By: Lexi Buchanan

eBook | 25 March 2022

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As a defenseman, I have three weeks left on the Boston Bay Vikings' NHL roster. I've held this position for five years. Russia wants me back, and I don't have a choice. My mother and sister call Russia home. If I fight to stay in Boston, my family will be in danger when they go home to Moscow. I need to keep them safe.

I've worked hard to avoid the woman I love, which is why my rage comes to the surface so quickly. Now, my teammates tell me, Payton needs my assistance to stay safe. My girl is scared and has nowhere to go because the man who hurt her is out on bail.


Being left for dead has changed me. I mean, it would change anyone. But now I'm afraid of my own shadow, which is frustrating. I used to be independent, at least when Danny wasn't around. All I want to do is find a safe place where I won't have to leave.

To my surprise the man I've gradually fallen in love with comes to my aid. He offers me a place to live and protection, but he warns me that he will not give me his heart. I can do that without him discovering my love for him, can't I?

The clock is ticking.

Meet Ivan Pavlov and Payton Collins in the seventh book of the Boston Bay Vikings series by NYT and USA Today bestselling author, Lexi Buchanan.


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