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Complicit : How Our Culture Enables Misbehaving Men - Reah Bravo


How Our Culture Enables Misbehaving Men

Read by: Reah Bravo

Author: Reah Bravo

At a Glance

Available: 18th June 2024

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Available: 18th June 2024

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A thoroughly researched and deeply personal examination of how we unintentionally condone workplace abuse in a post-#MeToo world and what we can do to affect positive change.

When Reah Bravo was hired to work on the Charlie Rose show, the open secret of Rose's behavior toward women didn't deter her from pursuing a position she felt could launch her career in broadcast journalism. She believed herself more than capable of handling any unprofessional behavior that might come her way. But she soon learned a devastating truth: no one can accurately predict how they will respond in an abusive situation until they are in it.

In a post-#MeToo world, where many corporations mandate trainings to prevent misconduct, how do abusers continue to victimize their colleagues? When we live in a society where many feminist ideals are mainstream and women make up a significant percentage of the workforce, why is gender harassment more prevalent than ever? Weaving her own experiences with insights from experts and other survivors, Bravo eloquently reveals the psychological and cultural forces that make us all enablers of a sexist and dangerous status quo. Combining the latest in-depth research and enlightening commentary, Complicit shines a light on the prevalence of professional misconduct and charts an accessible path towards real positive change.


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