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"Hello! I'm Emily and I'm your guide to the biggest and best kids books coming your way this Booktoberfest."

Editor: Emily M
Book: Jeff Kinney - Double Down

Book of the Month

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Double Down

Jeff Kinney

Reward your little reader for getting through another gruelling year of school with the new Wimpy Kid! (Bonus: you get a few hours of peace and quiet). Read more..


Must Have Titles for Christmas

Clash of the Titles

Captains' Knock

David Warner

David Warner, Australian batsman extraordinaire, returns with the latest installment in The Kaboom Kid series. Sunil and Davey are off to Gold’s Cricket Camp to get on top of the cricket season ahead. A new nemesis, paintball, and pranks! Read more..

Pocket Rocket

Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Perry has been playing cricket and football for Australia since the age of 16. In her new book, co-written with Sherryl Clark, a fictional Ellyse struggles to balance her sports commitments, high school, friends, and fun! Why is life so unfair? Read more..

Loved This?

Book: The World's Worst Children - David Walliams