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"Hello! I'm John and I'm your guide to the biggest blockbuster books coming your way this Booktoberfest."

Editor: John Purcell
Book: Matthew Reilly - The Four Legendary Kingdoms

Book of the Month

The Four Legendary Kingdoms

Matthew Reilly

Matt is back to his very best with a return to his much loved Jack West Jnr series. Blockbusters don’t get much bigger than this! Read more..


Must Have Titles for Christmas

Clash of the Titles


Dan Brown

Dan Brown is one of the highest selling authors on the planet! And his fourth Robert Langdon novel, Inferno, was one of his best. Now the basis for a new blockbuster film starring Tom Hanks, Inferno will be the must have read for the summer holidays.Read more..


Robert Harris

Robert Harris has the historian’s respect for research and the novelist knack for dramatic tension - he is a master when it comes writing intelligent thrillers. Religion, power, secrets and murder - what more do you want? Read more..

Loved This?

Book: Lee Child - Make Me