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Quiz: Bestsellers of 2018 … test your book knowledge!

It’s time to test your book knowledge with our quiz on the bestsellers of 2018! How much do you know about the biggest and bestselling books of the year so far? Have you been paying attention to the book world? Do you like to stay up to date with the current trends and popular titles? Are you tapped in to the latest book news and plugged in to the bestseller lists? Are you are a Reading R... Read more

by | August 13, 2018

Stephen King Tweets…The Wrap

It’s time for a twitter wrap from our favourite eccentric genius, Stephen King! Over to you Stephano… I am going to order that novel, EENY MEENIE. — Stephen King (@StephenKing) July 8, 2015 For more about Eeny Meeny click here Dennis Lehane’s WORLD GONE BY is the best gangster novel since THE GODFATHER. Terrific story, shattering conclusion. — Stephen King (@StephenKing) June ... Read more

by | July 9, 2015

Stephen King Publishes New Short Story For The New Yorker

As further evidence of Stephen King of being not just one of the world’s greatest storytellers but also one of the hardest working, the acclaimed author has just published a new short story for The New Yorker. Here’s the first part, click the link below to read it in it’s entirety… A Death by Stephen King Jim Trusdale had a shack on the west side of his father’s gone-to-... Read more

by | March 4, 2015