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Kylie Ladd : Five Fiction Favourites for 2011

Kylie Ladd author of Last Summer and After the Fall reveals… The 5 best novels I read this year are… Caribou Island by David Vann An Alaskan Revolutionary Road, Caribou Island from David Vann, bestselling and critically acclaimed author of Legend of a Suicide, is a devastating novel about a marriage, a couple blighted by past shadows and the weight of expectation, of themselves and of each othe... Read more

by | November 16, 2011

Kylie Ladd, author of Last Summer, answers Six Sharp Questions

The Booktopia Book Guru asks Kylie Ladd author of Last Summer and After the Fall Six Sharp Questions —————————— 1. Congratulations, you have a new book. What is it about and what does it mean to you? Last Summer is about what happens to a close group of friends when the man at their centre, Rory Buchanan, dies unexpectedly… it’s ... Read more

by | June 30, 2011

Last Summer by Kylie Ladd. A review by John Purcell.

By the simple act of telling a story a good book can carry a light into the dark and unexamined corners of a reader’s life. The darkest of these unexamined corners is occupied by the single irrefutable truth of our existence, death. Left in the shadows this stark fact can take on all of the attributes of a nightmarish spectre. Left unexamined we may be left entirely unprepared when death intrud... Read more

by | June 21, 2011

Guest Reviewer Kylie Ladd on When My Husband Does the Dishes… by Kerri Sackville

When My Husband Does the Dishes . . . provoked much discussion in my household. Not regarding its contents, which I’ll get to, but instead over the title. “When my husband does the dishes… what?” asked my eleven year old son when he first saw (or rather heard) me reading it. Knowing full well that the original title had actually been When My Husband Does The Dishes He Wants Sex I quickly ... Read more

by | March 28, 2011

Author Kylie Ladd reviews Swallow the Air, a novel by Tara June Winch

I didn’t come across Swallow The Air, the début novel of indigenous author Tara June Winch, by accident. In 2010, my family and I left our Melbourne home to spend a year in Broome in the far northwest of Australia. It was an eye-opening experience. There was the sheer physical beauty of the region for a start, and the radically different lifestyle of the tropics, dictated as it is by the climat... Read more

by | March 23, 2011

Changing My Mind by Zadie Smith – Reviewed by Kylie Ladd

Zadie Smith is one of those writers other writers love to hate. Not for her the years of unpublished obscurity, the endless tweaking of the query letter, the rejection after rejection after rejection that the rest of us tell ourselves is an unavoidable and indeed vital component of becoming a novelist. Instead, Smith was offered a publishing contract for her first novel on the basis of some sho... Read more

by | February 18, 2011

Kylie Ladd, author of After The Fall, answers Ten Terrifying Questions

Welcome to the launch of the Booktopia Blog’s Ten Terrifying Questions Over the next few months we will invite authors from a variety of genres to answer, if they dare, Ten Terrifying Questions. What’s so scary about the questions? – I hear you ask – They don’t look so tough! Ah! But you see, they have been designed to look cute and cuddly, they have been designed ... Read more

by | March 1, 2010