Big Day here at Booktopia, We Have Launched Our eBook Catalogue

by |November 8, 2011

Dear Booktopians,

We have exciting news today! You can now buy eBooks at Booktopia.

Click here to browse our eBook range,
place an order…
and start reading in seconds.

Order online and start reading a book you wanted in just seconds. We have hundreds of thousands of eBooks to read right now.

For example… you like the idea of reading the new Steve Jobs biography. The hardcover is in store and you can buy it for 20% off the RRP at Booktopia for $35.95. However, we have sold hundreds of copies and our warehouse are currently waiting for more stock to arrive.

Problem solved order the eBook and start reading it in seconds and pay $9.99.

Booktopia has partnered with one of the world’s largest companies and leading internet businesses, Google ™ , to bring you their Google eBooks ™ system.

Buying eBooks from using the Google eBooks ™ platform will give you the flexibility to read books on devices you own today and devices you will buy in the future. Google eBooks ™ uses the ePub format which has become the global standard for eBooks and e-readers.

With Google™ eBooks library, you are able to keep all of your eBooks in one place. Each eBook can be read on phones, handheld devices, e-ink e-readers, tablet PCs, notebooks and desktop computers. Whenever you open your Google eBook, the Google eBooks™ system will remember where you are up to, making it ready to continue reading on whatever device you choose to use next.

Many of the major Australian publishers have worked actively with Google Australia™ to make their list of eBooks available for launch today.

The range of eBooks covers new release titles right through to bestselling classics as well as hard-to-find titles from previous years.

Google eBooks™ is a cloud-based digital eBook system that allows you to access your personal eBook library on almost any device from one single repository regardless of where you bought the eBook from.

Enjoy this great new reading experience!

Kind regards

Tony Nash
Chief Executive Officer
Booktopia Pty Ltd

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