Your Native Language is Your Superpower : Reinventing Yourself With Joy in a New Country - Judith Krieger

Your Native Language is Your Superpower

Reinventing Yourself With Joy in a New Country

By: Judith Krieger

eBook | 8 December 2022

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Living in a new country with a new language can be an emotional rollercoaster.

It's no small feat to leave behind everything you've known and dare to imagine a different life for yourself. It's a journey that asks you to develop a brand of courage, soul-searching and personal growth that staying in your birth country would never ask of you.

How do you meld the woman you have been up until now with the woman who will fit confidently into your new culture, and still feel like YOU?

The secret is to create your identity on purpose.

Your Native Language is Your Superpower is a guide to transforming your journey into a magical opportunity to reinvent yourself and use all the delicious contrast of your native culture and your adopted culture to create your own unique brand of confidence, style and joy.

From culture shock to homesickness to the language barrier, from work environments to mixed-nationality relationships and more, following the powerful guided exercises weaved throughout the book will leave you feeling proud of yourself and excited about the fascinating woman you are becoming.


  • * Four reasons your native language is your superpower and why you should celebrate them
  • * How to LOVE your accent, and what to say when people ask about it
  • * How to redefine your personal journey as an immigrant with you as the heroine (female word for hero)
  • * The beauty of the elegant reframe to help you adjust and adapt to cultural and language challenges with style
  • * How to tap into the magical feeling of home when you need some comfort
  • * How to add joy and connection by sharing your language with others
  • * Why it's so powerful to create your own unique identity
  • * Ideas for living and loving in a mixed-nationality relationship when cultural differences get in the way
  • * What to do when things go wrong and you begin to wonder if you should leave it all and go "back home"
  • * 5 fun ways to add some oh la la to your confidence when you need a lift
  • * Gorgeous skills and processes so you can step out as the fascinating woman you are in your adopted country

Whether you're about to move, or you've been living in your adopted country for years, get ready to immerse yourself in a powerful new adventure to become the heroine of your identity and evolve into the woman you want to be, wherever you are in the world.


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