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Your Life Your Planet : What You Can Do Right Now! - Geoff Ebbs

Your Life Your Planet

What You Can Do Right Now!

By: Geoff Ebbs

eBook | 1 February 2021

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Your Life, Your Planet is the toolkit that you need to nurture yourself — and the environment that nurtures you.

It is full of tips that will help you to reduce your environmental footprint and enjoy a healthier and more satisfying life. A century and more of incredible growth and consumerism has dangerously damaged our environment, and has taught us that we ultimately depend on each other and the natural systems that provide our air, water, food, shelter and clothing.

Unless we take personal responsibility and look after ourselves, each other and the natural world in a balanced and harmonious manner, the situation has little chance of improving. In order to tackle issues such as carbon emissions, our fossil fuel dependency, species loss, plastic and other pollution we need to actively engage with the people and the world around us and address the habitual way we seek convenience and ease. In doing this this, we will not only reduce our environmental footprint but also take the first steps toward converting our homes from centres of rampant consumption to hubs of environmentally-friendly production.


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