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Your Baby Doesn't Come with a Book : Dr Golly's Guide to the First Four Weeks of Parenthood - Dr Daniel Golshevsky

Your Baby Doesn't Come with a Book

Dr Golly's Guide to the First Four Weeks of Parenthood

By: Dr Daniel Golshevsky

Flexi Bound Book | 20 September 2023 | Edition Number 1

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Flexi Bound Book

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There's no better parent for your baby than you.
Dr Daniel Golshevsky – also known as Dr Golly – is a paediatrician and father of three who has spent years working with thousands of babies. Every newborn is different, but he knows that every parent can learn to understand their baby, tap into their innate parenting instincts, and thrive – not just survive – during the first four weeks!

Your Baby Doesn't Come With a Book is the essential parenting guide for all first-time dads, mums and parents-to-be.

It's a comprehensive, accessible and reassuring guide to preparing for the first few days and weeks of your baby's life: from prepping your home and getting ready for the hospital, to knowing what to expect in the first few days, and establishing a good sleep routine while dealing with common infant situations, such as breastfeeding, sleep and settling, rashes, and colic.

With a focus on empowering parents and protecting mothers, Dr Golly turns up the volume of that innate parental instinct to maximise parents’ understanding of their baby’s cues – everything from tired/hungry signs and awake times to feeding schedules and the all-important poo watch – and bring everyone closer to a full night’s sleep. 
Most importantly, Dr Golly believes in the power of dads and non-birthing, non-breastfeeding parents to step up into a primary caregiving role from the moment their baby arrives.

Your Baby Doesn’t Come With a Book covers EVERYTHING you need to know:

  • Preparing your home
  • What dads can do
  • Understanding your baby’s cues
  • How to feed, settle, swaddle and bath
  • Plus – Dr Golly's famous active burping technique!
Dr Golly's revolutionary programs have helped thousands of parents establish happy, steady rhythms with their babies, with benefits for the whole family!

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