You Always Have a Choice : How to embrace change, build unwavering reilience and lead a life you love - Julie Hyde

You Always Have a Choice

How to embrace change, build unwavering reilience and lead a life you love

By: Julie Hyde

Paperback | 12 December 2023

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A practical transformative guide for anyone feeling overwhelmed by life's relentless challenges.

Do you feel as though you're going through the motions, exhausted by the constant life-juggle, and not truly living your life?

Do you know deep down that you need a change but lack the confidence and energy to pursue what will make you happy? You're not alone.

When Julie Hyde received a shock diagnosis of aggressive stage three cancer, she found herself at a crucial crossroads. The diagnosis that came on top of a series of difficult life events seemed about to take her beyond her capacity to respond with her usual optimism.

But Julie had a secret weapon - she's a mindset and leadership coach who had skilfully guided her clients over many decades through the toughest of challenges. Now she had to turn the tables and apply the same techniques to her own challenges. Julie found strength in knowing that change, no matter how daunting, holds the key to growth and endless possibilities. You always have a choice in how you respond.

In her second book, You Always Have a Choice, Julie is your trusted guide as she steps you through 9 powerful strategies to:
  • Master Life's Challenges: Recognise overwhelm, break free from feeling stuck and trapped and overcome the unrealistic life juggle.
  • Build Resilience: Harness the power of the 'pause' for effective responses, explore three game changing models for recovery and success and embrace your mindset as your superpower.
  • Design Your Life: Reconnect with your values, define your priorities, establish boundaries, and use your voice to lead the life you love.
Control your response to life's challenges by knowing You Always Have a Choice.

About the Author

Julie Hyde had a decades-long career in corporate leadership before launching her own business as a leadership coach, keynote speaker and host of influential podcast Leading You in 2018. She has transformed large businesses to the top of their game, with some generating more than $20 million in profit and tripling in size. As a mentor and coach, Julie has resurrected lagging leaders to become star performers and game-changing role models.

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