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XML Hacks : Hacks - Michael Fitzgerald


Published: 6th August 2004
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Published: 15th October 2010
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Developers and system administrators alike are uncovering the true power of XML, the Extensible Markup Language that enables data to be sent over the Internet from one computer platform to another or one application to another and retain its original format. Flexible enough to be customized for applications as diverse as web sites, electronic data interchange, voice mail systems, wireless devices, web services, and more, XML is quickly becoming ubiquitous.

"XML Hacks" is a roll-up-your-sleeves guide that distills years of ingenious XML hacking into a complete set of practical tips, tricks, and tools for web developers, system administrators, and programmers who want to go far beyond basic tutorials to leverage the untapped power of XML.

With plenty of useful real-world projects that illustrate how to define, read, create, and manipulate XML documents, "XML Hacks" shows readers how to put XML's power to work on the Internet and within productivity applications. Each Hack in this book can be read easily in a few minutes, saving programmers and administrators countless hours of searching for the right answer. And this is an O'Reilly Hacks book, so it's not just practical, imminently useful, and time-saving. It's also fun.

From Anatomy of an XML Document to Exploring SOAP Messages "XML Hacks" shows you how to save time and accomplish more with fewer resources. If you want much more than the average XML user--to explore and experiment, do things you didn't know you could do with XML, discover clever shortcuts, and show off just a little--this invaluable book is a must-have.

Creditsp. vii
Prefacep. xiii
Looking at XML Documentsp. 1
Read an XML Documentp. 1
Display an XML Document in a Web Browserp. 6
Apply Style to an XML Document with CSSp. 8
Use Character and Entity Referencesp. 11
Examine XML Documents in Text Editorsp. 14
Explore XML Documents in Graphical Editorsp. 17
Choose Tools for Creating an XML Vocabularyp. 21
Test XML Documents Onlinep. 25
Test XML Documents from the Command Linep. 28
Run Java Programs that Process XMLp. 33
Creating XML Documentsp. 39
Edit XML Documents with oXygenp. 39
Edit XML Documents with Emacs and nXMLp. 41
Edit XML with Vimp. 47
Edit XML Documents with Microsoft Word 2003p. 54
Work with XML in Microsoft Excel 2003p. 59
Work with XML in Microsoft Access 2003p. 62
Convert Microsoft Office Files, Old or New, to XMLp. 65
Create an XML Document from a Text File with xmlspyp. 67
Convert Text to XML with Uphillp. 70
Create Well-Formed XML with Minimal Manual Tagging Using an SGML Parserp. 75
Create an XML Document from a CSV Filep. 79
Convert an HTML Document to XHTML with HTML Tidyp. 82
Transform Documents with XQueryp. 85
Execute an XQuery with Saxonp. 90
Include Text and Documents with Entitiesp. 94
Include External Documents with XIncludep. 97
Encode XML Documentsp. 100
Explore XLink and XMLp. 105
What's the Diff? Diff XML Documentsp. 109
Look at XML Documents Through the Lens of the XML Information Setp. 114
Transforming XML Documentsp. 117
Understand the Anatomy of an XSLT Stylesheetp. 117
Transform an XML Document with a Command-Line Processorp. 119
Transform an XML Document Within a Graphical Editorp. 125
Analyze Nodes with TreeViewerp. 130
Explore a Document Tree with the xmllint Shellp. 133
View Documents as Tables Using Generic CSS or XSLTp. 136
Generate an XSLT Identity Stylesheet with Relaxerp. 141
Pretty-Print XML Using a Generic Identity Stylesheet and Xalanp. 144
Create a Text File from an XML Documentp. 146
Convert Attributes to Elements and Elements to Attributesp. 149
Convert XML to CSVp. 153
Create and Process SpreadsheetMLp. 156
Choose Your Output Format in XSLTp. 169
Transform Your iTunes Library Filep. 171
Generate Multiple Output Documents with XSLT 2.0p. 176
Generate XML from MySQLp. 179
Generate PDF Documents from XML and CSSp. 184
Process XML Documents with XSL-FO and FOPp. 185
Process HTML with XSLT Using TagSoupp. 190
Build Results with Literal Result and Instruction Elementsp. 191
Write Push and Pull Stylesheetsp. 196
Perform Math with XSLTp. 197
Transform XML Documents with grep and sedp. 200
Generate SVG with XSLTp. 205
Dither Scatterplots with XSLT and SVGp. 209
Use Lookup Tables with XSLT to Translate FIPS Codesp. 216
Grouping in XSLT 1.0 and 2.0p. 221
Use EXSLT Extensionsp. 228
XML Vocabulariesp. 234
Use XML Namespaces in an XML Vocabularyp. 234
Create an RDDL Documentp. 237
Create and Validate an XHTML 1.0 Documentp. 241
Create Books, Technical Manuals, and Papers in XML with DocBookp. 244
Create a SOAP 1.2 Documentp. 247
Identify Yourself with FOAFp. 250
Unravel the OpenOffice File Formatp. 258
Render Graphics with SVGp. 264
Use XForms in Your XML Documentsp. 268
Defining XML Vocabularies with Schema Languagesp. 276
Validate an XML Document with a DTDp. 277
Validate an XML Document with XML Schemap. 285
Validate Multiple Documents Against an XML Schema at Oncep. 292
Check the Integrity of a W3C Schemap. 294
Validate an XML Document with RELAX NGp. 297
Create a DTD from an Instancep. 305
Create an XML Schema Document from an Instance or DTDp. 310
Create a RELAX NG Schema from an Instancep. 315
Convert a RELAX NG Schema to XML Schemap. 321
Use RELAX NG and Schematron Together to Validate Business Rulesp. 323
Use RELAX NG to Generate DTD Customizationsp. 329
Generate Instances Based on Schemasp. 335
RSS and Atomp. 339
Subscribe to RSS Feedsp. 339
Create an RSS 0.91 Documentp. 343
Create an RSS 1.0 Documentp. 346
Create an RSS 2.0 Documentp. 348
Create an Atom Documentp. 350
Validate RSS and Atom Documentsp. 353
Create RSS with XML::RSSp. 355
Syndicate Content with Movable Typep. 360
Post RSS Headlines on Your Sitep. 365
Create RSS 0.91 Feeds from Googlep. 368
Syndicate a List of Books from Amazon with RSS and ASPp. 371
Advanced XML Hacksp. 378
Pipeline XML with Antp. 378
Use Elements Instead of Entities to Avoid the "amp Explosion Problem"p. 386
Use Cocoon to Create a Well-Formed View of a Web Page, Then Scrape It for Datap. 390
From Wiki to XML, Through SGMLp. 398
Create Well-Formed XML with JavaScriptp. 406
Inspect and Edit XML Documents with the Document Object Modelp. 414
Processing XML with SAXp. 421
Process XML with C#p. 426
Generate Code from XMLp. 434
Create Well-Formed XML with Genxp. 442
Indexp. 449
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