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Women of Bible Lands : A Pilgrimage to Compassion and Wisdom - Martha Ann Kirk

Women of Bible Lands

A Pilgrimage to Compassion and Wisdom

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Women of Bible Lands is an anthology of biblical and early stories about Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women from the nineteenth century B.C.E. to the ninth century C.E. Ancient words and journeys strengthen modern readers for a challenging pilgrimage from the head to the heart as they travel in spirit through the Holy Land to Greece, Turkey, and North Africa. Kirk's book, which is the first guide book to biblical sites associated with women, not only fills a void, but does so in an inspirational and imaginative way.

Part One: Reclaiming Women's Stories and Journeys discusses the types of women that have been remembered in the Christian tradition and examines the scarcity of women's writings and the possibilities of women's oral tradition within the Bible and other early sources. Chapters in Part One are: Shards and Stories," *'As a Mother Hen Gathers Her Brood Under Her Wings,'- *The Pilgrimage to the Womb of Compassion, - *Seeking the True Cross, Seeking the True Helena, - *Ascetic Life, an Inner Journey; Paula and Egeria, Their Outer and Inner Journeys, - and *Guides for Reading. -

Part Two: Stories, Sites, and Maps includes introductions to the sites, maps, information about or by women or female images of God, and selections from the Bible or an early Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Coptic, Syriac, or Arabic text. Chapters in Part Two are: *The Old City of Jerusalem, - *Other Sites in Jerusalem, - *Sites in Israel and Palestine, - *Sinai, Egypt, and Tunisia, - *Iran, Iraq, Jordan, - *Lebanon and Syria, - *Greece and the Mediterranean Islands, - and *Turkey.

Industry Reviews

Whether tucked in one's bag on a dig or pilgrimage, or read as a collection of stories about women in the Middle East, this creative resource is very useful for those seeking women's place and insight in the sacred dramas. A thorough index and suggestions for prayer made this more than a good guide-indeed, a good companion.WATERwheel
Kirk's study is an informative catalogue that makes available the profile of countless women who lived in biblical times. Her approach is novel, and her material is a real treasure and contribution to biblical literature, especially for those interested in gender and women's studies.Catholic Books Review
With maps, woodcut-style graphics, footnotes and an extensive bibliography, Women of Bible Lands: A Pilgrimage to Compassion and Wisdom is a pilgrimage well worth taking.Today's Catholic
A fascinating book, this is a pilgrimage to sites in the Mediterranean world that are mentioned in the Bible and other early literature - but through the experiences of Jewish, Christian and Muslim women. Readers will find here a devotional, a taste of the history of early women of faith, and a useful tool for Bible study.St. Placid Priory
Kirk has collected these tidbits like an archaeologist collects potsherds, putting them together in a way that reveals ancient times and modern places. . . . Like every good guidebook, there are also helpful maps. Clip art adds to the creative character of this exceptionally informative book. It is highly recommended.The Bible Today
[Kirk] reflects on the task of reclaiming women's stories and journeys.New Testament Abstracts
"Most of the stories of women in the Middle East, as elsewhere, are written by men, but Kirk manages to peer past this - and past denominational lines and political boundaries - to discern a feminine perspective and provide stories that are instructive and inspiring. Avoiding 'big questions' of might and power that daily whirl in this region, Kirk's reflections upon visiting the shrines and holy places in Israel and the surrounding areas are on the things that matter in God's eyes, inviting readers - men as well as women - to explore sacred stories in their own lives.Dr. Gilberto Hinojosa, Professor of History, University of the Incarnate Word
With her new book, Martha Ann Kirk shows herself to be a wonderfully imaginative and resourceful guide to the lives of women in Bible lands. Kirk maps these lives, both past and present, in ways that enable the reader to see all the richness, diversity, and faith of these women. Our own life journeys, whether in Bible lands or on interior pilgrimages, will become the richer for this map and for the many women companions Kirk reveals to us.Teresa Berger, Professor, Divinity School, Duke University

Acknowledgmentsp. xix
List of Mapsp. xxv
Abbreviationsp. xxvi
Introductionp. xxvii
Reclaiming Women's Stories and Journeys
Shards and Storiesp. 3
"As a Hen Gathers Her Brood Under Her Wings ..."p. 11
The Pilgrimage to the Center of Compassionp. 25
Seeking the True Cross, Seeking the True Helenap. 43
Ascetic Life, an Inner Journeyp. 51
Stories, Sites, and Maps
Guides for Readingp. 67
The Old City of Jerusalemp. 79
Introduction to the "Living Stones" of Jerusalem and to Women's Positions in the Religions of the Bookp. 79
The Old City
Damascus Gate
A Generous Womanp. 80
Jaffa Gate
Tamarp. 80
The Muslim Quarter
St. Anne's Church, inside St. Stephen's Gate
Remembering Anne, the Grandmother of Jesusp. 81
Inside St. Stephen's Gate
Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross
The Women Who Suffered with Jesusp. 83
Ecce Homo Convent of the Sisters of Sion
Pilate's Wifep. 83
The Fourth Station at Armenian Catholic Church
Mary Meets Jesusp. 84
The Eighth Station at the Wall of the Orthodox Church on Aqabat el Khanga
The Daughters of Jerusalemp. 84
The Christian Quarter
The Church of the Holy Sepulchrep. 84
The Twelfth Station in the Greek Orthodox Chapel Upstairs in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Women at the Foot of the Crossp. 85
The Thirteenth Station in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Women Who Took Down the Body of Jesusp. 85
The Stone of Unction
Paula's and Pilgrims' Devotionp. 86
The Fourteenth Station, Tomb of Christ in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Women at the Tombp. 86
The Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalenep. 87
The Ethiopian Chapel to the Right of the Main Entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Queen of Shebap. 88
The Crypt of St. Helena
Mother of Constantinep. 88
The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in the Mauristan
Women Pilgrimsp. 89
The Armenian Quarter
Greek Catholic Patriarchate and Museum of Eastern Rites
Egeria on Preparing People to be Christiansp. 89
Cathedral of St. James
Armenian Princesses and Refugeesp. 91
The Citadelp. 91
St. Mark's Syrian Orthodox Church
Mary, the Mother of John, Mark, and Rhodap. 91
The Jewish Quarter
Wall Built by the Maccabees
Mother of the Maccabeesp. 92
Herodian Houses in the Wohl Archeological Museum
The High Priest's Servantp. 92
Wise and Foolish Virginsp. 93
The Four Sephardi Synagogues
Prayerful Jewish Womenp. 93
Haram esh-Sharif, the Temple Mount
Women of the Bookp. 93
Qubbat Sulayman Monument
Mary Seeking Her Lost Childp. 94
Dome of the Rock
Women Whose Children Are Sacrificedp. 94
East side of the Dome of the Rock
Court of the Women in Herod's Templep. 94
El-Aksa Mosque
Rabi'a, the Mysticp. 96
Excavations at the Western Wall Plaza
The Western Wall
Huldah the Prophetp. 98
Excavations Outside the Double and Triple Gates Near the Western Wall Plaza
The Ritual Baths
Purification of Maryp. 99
The Huldah Gate
Anna, the Prophetp. 100
Other Parts of Jerusalemp. 104
Mount Sion
Reflections by Egeria on Easter Liturgiesp. 104
Tomb of David
Tamar, Daughter of Davidp. 105
The Cenacle
God Who Nurturesp. 106
Daughters Shall Prophesyp. 107
Dormition Abbey
Mary and Biblical Foremothersp. 107
Upper Churchp. 107
Lower Crypt Areap. 109
City of David
Bathshebap. 111
St. Peter in Gallicantu
Repentant Womenp. 111
St. Pelagiap. 111
Cemeteries on the Mount of Olives
Sapphirap. 114
Mosque of the Ascension
Reflections of Egeria on the Imbomonp. 114
The Imperial Pilgrim Poimeniap. 115
The Tomb of Huldah
Huldah the Prophetp. 116
Church of the Pater Noster or Eleona
Melania the Elderp. 116
Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension
Melania the Youngerp. 119
Dominus Flevit Church
Jesus Who Wept, Jesus Who Compared Himself to a Mother Henp. 120
The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalenep. 121
Church of All Nations
Reflections of Egeria on the Mount of Olivesp. 121
Tomb of the Virgin Mary
Legends of Christ's Motherp. 123
The Cave of Gethsemane
Legends of the Women Disciplesp. 124
Martha's Profession of Faithp. 124
Martha and Maryp. 125
Franciscan Church of Lazarus, Mary, and Marthap. 125
Hospitality at the Supper Before the Last Supperp. 126
The Tomb of Lazarus
Lamentationp. 126
The New City: Northern Section
Tomb of Queen Helena of Adiabene (Tomb of the Kings)
A Convert to Judaismp. 127
St. Stephen's Church
Empress Eudociap. 128
The Garden Tomb
Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostlesp. 130
St. George Anglican Cathedral and the Benshoff Museum
Created in God's Own Imagep. 130
The New City: Western Section
Yad Vashem Museum and Deir Yasin
God Who Weepsp. 131
Monastery of the Cross
Orthodox Women Hymn Writersp. 132
Queen Salome Alexandrap. 134
Israel Museum
The Vulnerability of Divorced Womenp. 134
Hebrew Union College and Museum
Beruriah, the Unordained Rabbip. 135
The Y.M.C.A. on King David Street
Dancing Daughters and a Dancing Godp. 136
Ain Karim
Elizabethp. 137
Church of the Visitationp. 137
Church of St. John the Baptistp. 137
Hadassah Hospital
Women's Names and Familiesp. 137
The New City: Southern Section
St. Andrew's Scottish Presbyterian Church
Rizpahp. 138
Tantur Ecumenical Institute
Women in Laborp. 138
Israel and Palestinep. 143
Abu Gosh
Couple on the Road to Emmausp. 143
Avdat, Yeroham
Hagarp. 143
Banyas, or Caesarea Philippi
God the Rock Who Bore Youp. 144
Bet Shean, or Scythopolis
Maria, the Niece of Abrahamp. 145
Bet Shearim
The Maidservant of Rabbi Judahp. 147
Bethlehem Streets
Bakerwomanp. 149
Rachel's Tomb
Rachel's Giving Birth and Dyingp. 150
Emmanuel Convent
St. Annep. 150
Church of the Nativity with the Cave of the Nativity of Christ
Paula at the Cavep. 152
St. Catherine's Church and the Cave of Paula and of Jeromep. 153
Jerome's Cavep. 154
Paula's Tombp. 154
Milk Grotto Church
Nursing Womenp. 155
Christmas Lutheran Church Women's Center
Women Who Care for Each Otherp. 156
Carmelite Convent
Paula, a Good Leaderp. 157
The Herodion, Har Hordos
Mothers of Massacred Childrenp. 158
Bir Zeit University Women's Center
Women Who Demand Justicep. 158
Caesarea Maritimap. 159
The Theater
The Daughters of Philipp. 159
Wedding Feastp. 159
Capernaump. 160
The House of Peter's Mother-in-Law (Capernaum)
Women Eager to Servep. 160
The Ruins of the House Between the Synagogue and the House of Peter's Mother-in-Law
The Daughter of Jairusp. 161
The Mill Stones
Women Grinding Grainp. 161
Chorazin, Korazimp. 162
The Mikveh (Chorazin)
Women Purifying Themselves
After Their Menstrual Periods and Childbirthp. 162
Family Homes
God Like the Woman Who Searched for Her Coinp. 164
Synagogue (Chorazin)
The Bent-over Womanp. 164
Dead Sea
Lot's Daughtersp. 165
Reflections by Egeria on the Dead Seap. 165
Reflections on Paula's Journey by the Coastp. 166
Purple Dye Factory (Dor)
Lydia of Philippip. 166
Endor, Horvat
The Medium Whom Saul Consultedp. 167
En Gedi, Zafzafot
Lovers Who Relate Mutuallyp. 167
Wisdom Personifiedp. 169
The Great Mosque (Gaza)
Al Khansa', the Poetp. 169
Napoleon's Citadel (Gaza)
Delilahp. 171
Women Valued by the Wealth of Their Dowriesp. 172
Hammat Gezer
The Empress Eudokiap. 172
Deborahp. 173
The Matriarchsp. 173
The Tombs of the Matriarchs and Patriarchsp. 174
The Souqp. 174
Heptapegon or Tabgha
Egeria's Reflectionsp. 175
Church of the Primacy of Peterp. 175
Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishesp. 175
Church of the Sermon on the Mountp. 175
Stone Along the Road from Heptapegon to Capernaump. 176
The woman with the hemorrhagep. 176
Paula in Jerichop. 176
Tel es-Sultan or Ancient Jericho
Rahabp. 177
Jordan River near Jericho
Transformation of Baptismp. 177
Jezreel Valley (Northern Kingdom)
Hosea's Unfaithful Wifep. 178
Khan Younis in the Gaza Region
Khadija and Fatimap. 179
Deaconesses Who Baptizedp. 179
Paula Remembered the Concubinep. 181
Martha, George, and the Dragonp. 182
Magdala, Midgal
Mary Magdalene and the Other Women Who Supported Jesusp. 183
Mamre, or Ramat el-Khalil
Sarah Laughedp. 183
Mar Saba
Unwelcomed Womenp. 184
Women Victims of Warp. 185
Judithp. 186
Mizpah, Tel en-Nasbeh
Jephthah's Daughterp. 187
Monastery of St. George of Koziba
Wealthy Women and Mary's Interventionp. 187
Mount Carmel and Haifa
Abigail, a Mediatorp. 188
Cave of el-Khader, the School of the Prophets
The Widow of the Guild Prophetp. 189
Mount Gerizim near Nablus
A Beloved Daughter and Wifep. 190
Mount Hermon or Mount Tabor
Woman Who Recognizes the Christp. 191
Nablus or Shechem
Paula's Experiences at Shechemp. 191
Jacob's Well
Rachel, Leah, and the Samaritan Womanp. 192
The Shunammite Womanp. 193
The Widow of Nain
The Annunciationp. 194
Melkite Churchp. 196
Hagarp. 197
Qasrin Park
Wisdom, a Woman Who Nurturesp. 198
God Like a Loving Motherp. 198
Ramallah Women's Center
God the Seamstressp. 199
Samaria (Shomeron)
The Daughter in a Broken Marriagep. 200
Tel Balata, Shechem
Dinahp. 200
Sea of Galilee
Wisdom, a Creatorp. 201
Sepphoris, Zippori
Women Who Host Banquetsp. 202
Shepherds' fields in Beit Sahour near Bethlehem
Mary, the Mother of the Lamb and the Shepherdp. 202
Shiloh, Khirbet Seilun
Women as Propertyp. 204
Hannahp. 204
Solomon's Pools
The Delights of Lovep. 205
The Wise Woman of Tekoap. 206
Tel Arad
People Whose Sacred Space Has Been Closedp. 206
Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Yafo
Dorcas, or Tabithap. 207
Antiquities Museum of Tel Aviv and the Excavations of St. Peter's Churchp. 207
Tel Beer Sheva
Sarah, Who Is Repeatedly Used by Abrahamp. 207
Tel Dan
Ruth and Naomip. 209
Tulul Abu el Aliaq, Herod's Palace
Herod's Daughterp. 209
Sinai, Egypt, and Tunisiap. 213
Alexandria, El Iskandariyap. 213
Therapeutae and Therapeutrides, Jewish Contemplativesp. 213
St. Mark's Coptic Cathedralp. 215
Potamiaena and Basilidesp. 215
Roman Amphitheater
The Legend of St. Catherine of Alexandria and the History of Hypatiap. 216
Dier Abu Mina (outside Alexandria)
Amma Syncleticap. 219
Amma Talis and Taorp. 222
Cairo (Coptic Section)p. 222
Al-Muallaqa Church or the Church of the Virgin (Coptic Cairo)p. 223
St. Sergius and St. Bacchus Church
Mary, Jesus, and Joseph in Egyptp. 223
St. Barbara Church (Coptic Cairo)
Determined Womenp. 223
Ben Ezra Synagogue (Coptic Cairo)
The Midwives, Miriam, and Pharaoh's Daughterp. 224
Memphis Ruins (South of Cairo)
Potiphar's Wifep. 224
Nitria (Southwest of Alexandria)
Amma Theodorap. 225
Paula's Reflections on Nitriap. 226
Mount Sinai, Gebel or Jebel Musa
Egeria Climbing Mount Sinaip. 227
Pelusium (East Corner of the Nile Delta)
Amma Sarahp. 229
Red Sea
Miriam Leading a Liturgy of Praisep. 230
Tabennesi, Nagel-Sabriyat
The Sister of Pachomiusp. 231
A Holy Fool and Anastasia, the Deaconessp. 233
Tgeban Desert Village of Atripe
Mother Tachomp. 236
Wadi Natru (Scetis Desert Area)
Thais, the Harlotp. 238
Carthage or Tunis
Saints Perpetua and Felicitasp. 241
Monica, the Mother of Augustinep. 244
Iran, Iraq, Jordanp. 249
Karda de Ledan in Khuzistan
Martha, Martyr of Persiap. 249
Persepolis (near Shrz)
The Strength of Womenp. 252
Susa (or Shush), Dezful
Estherp. 253
Babylon (near Al Musayyit)
Susannap. 254
Ur of the Chaldees, An Na Siriyan
Sarahp. 256
Mountains of Moab
Lot's Daughtersp. 257
Mount Nebo
Reflections by Egeria on Mount Nebop. 257
Trans-Jordan Area (towards Amman and Jerash)
St. Mary of Egyptp. 259
Lebanon and Syriap. 265
Beirut, Bayrt
St. Matrona of Pergep. 265
Melania the Younger and the Empress Eudociap. 270
Tripoli, Tarbulus
St. Mary/Marinosp. 271
Tyre, Sr
Hadrian's Gate
The Syro-Phoenician Womanp. 276
Zarephath of Sidon
The Widow Who Helped Elijahp. 277
Damascus, Dimashq
The Great Mosque
Aisha Bint abi Bakr, Mohammed's Wifep. 278
Dura Europos (south of Dayr az Zawr)
Women Who Hosted House Churchesp. 280
The People Who Brought Their Children to Jesusp. 280
Mari (near Abu Kama)
Sarah and Hagarp. 281
Palmyra, Tudmur
Zenobiap. 282
Greece and the Mediterranean Islandsp. 285
Athanasia of Aeginap. 285
The Areopagus on the Acropolis
The Unknown Godp. 288
Cenchreae, the Ancient Seaport of Corinth
Phoebep. 289
Prisca (Priscilla), Nympha, and the Women Prophets of Corinthp. 289
Athanasia, a Deaconessp. 290
Theoktiste of Lesbosp. 291
Philippi in Macedonia (near modern Kavala)
Lydia, Evodia, and Syntychep. 295
Thessalonica, Salonica
Agios Dimitrios Church
Agape, Chione, and Companionsp. 296
Hagia Sophia Church
Theodora of Thessalonikep. 299
Turkeyp. 303
Annisa in Cappadocia, Aamaysa
Macrinap. 303
Constantinople, Istanbul
Hagia Sophiap. 306
Olympias, a deaconess of Hagia Sophiap. 306
Empress Theodorap. 310
St. Irene Church
Elisabeth the Wonderworkerp. 311
Orthodox Patriarchate
Women Mentioned by Paulp. 312
Euphemiap. 314
Iconium, Konya
Lois and Eunice, Who Shared the Faith with Timothyp. 314
Nuseybin, Nisibis
Febroniap. 314
Seleucia, Silifke
St. Theclap. 318
Ephesus near Selcuk
Great Theaterp. 323
Economies and Divinitiesp. 323
House of Mary, the Mother of Jesus
Theotokosp. 324
Rebeccap. 324
Urfa, or Edessa
Egeriap. 325
Wisdom Prepares a Feast. Abigail's Storyp. 328
Bibliographyp. 335
Biblical Citations and Prayer Service Suggestionsp. 340
Indexp. 343
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